Voice Quality: Functions, Analysis and Synthesis

August 27-29, 2003
Geneva, Switzerland

Phonetics and Measurements of Voice Quality

Adrian Fourcin

Dept. Phonetics and Linguistics, University College, London, UK

"Voice" is often used to refer to speech as a whole but historically, in work in Phonetics, there are long established precedents for defining voice with reference to activity at the level of the larynx. The measurement of voice is then made with special reference to those aspects of vocal tract excitation that are associated with the control and vibration of the vocal folds and associated laryngeal structures. This is also the theme of the present overview, and six related areas of voice measurement are discussed:

The final discussion concerns the implications of these approaches for future developments in quantitative cross-language comparison and clinical diagnosis.

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Bibliographic reference.  Fourcin, Adrian (2003): "Phonetics and measurements of voice quality", Abstract, In VOQUAL'03, 11.