CIRUSS Platform: Surgery Patient Empowerment by Stress and Anxiety Monitoring

Sergio Figueras, Alejandro García-Caballero, Carmen Garcia Mateo, Laura Docio-Fernandez, Edward L. Campbell, Baltasar G. Perez-Schofield, Leandro Rodríguez-Liñares, Arturo J. Méndez

In this paper, we present the CIRUSS software platform that has been developed within the framework of the Phase 2 of the STARS pre-commercial procurement (PCP). STARS-PCP aims at developing novel personalised solutions for reducing stress related to surgical procedures. CIRUSS is an integrated, scalable, sustainable and technologically adapted solution that aims to response to present and future needs of the European healthcare systems in relation to stress and anxiety management for surgery patients. Among the different functionalities included in CIRUSS, the solution integrates a tool for detecting the stress and anxiety by joint processing of voice, face and heart-rate of the patient. As a side product, a dataset of patient video interviews has been designed and acquired. This dataset has been used to assess the performance of monomodal stress detection systems as well the multimodal approach.

doi: 10.21437/IberSPEECH.2021-27

Figueras, S, García-Caballero, A, Garcia Mateo, C, Docio-Fernandez, L, Campbell, E.L, Perez-Schofield, B.G, Rodríguez-Liñares, L, Méndez, A.J (2021) CIRUSS Platform: Surgery Patient Empowerment by Stress and Anxiety Monitoring. Proc. IberSPEECH 2021, 127-129, doi: 10.21437/IberSPEECH.2021-27.