4th International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems (PQS 2013)

2-4 September 2013, Vienna, Austria

Chair: Raimund Schatz and Tobias Hoßfeld

ISSN: 2312-2846
DOI: 10.21437/PQS.2013

Context Factors

Evaluating QoE by means of traditional and alternative subjective measures: an exploratory 'living room lab' study on IPTV
Katrien De Moor, Miguel A. Ríos Quintero, Dominik Strohmeier, Alexander Raake

Defining the Viewing Conditions in the Home Environment and its Influences
Sara Kepplinger, Christian Jauch, Denise Tobian

Effect of Questionnaire Order on Ratings of Perceived Quality and Experienced Affect
Jan-Niklas Antons, Sebastian Arndt, Robert Schleicher

Increasing Payments in Crowdsourcing: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!
Martin Varela, Toni Mäki, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Tobias Hoßfeld

New Assessment Methods

Using fNIRS to Characterize Human Perception of TTS System Quality, Comprehension, and Fluency: Preliminary Findings
Rishabh Gupta, Khalil Rehman Laghari, Sebastian Arndt, Robert Schleicher, Sebastian Möller, Douglas O'Shaughnessy, Tiago Falk

Does Low Quality Audiovisual Content Increase Fatigue of Viewers?
Sebastian Arndt, Robert Schleicher, Jan-Niklas Antons

The NappingPlayer - Projective Mapping Experiments on Android Tablets
Werner Robitza, Yohann Pitrey, Benjamin Kitzinger, Helmut Hlavacs

Quality of Audio and Acoustics

Objective Quality Assessment of Target Speaker Separation Performance in Multisource Reverberant Environment
Paco Langjahr, Pejman Mowlaee

Towards an European Sound Label for Household Appliances: Psychoacoustical Aspects and Challenges
M. Ercan Altinsoy

Maintaining a Sense of Control in Autonomous Vehicles via Auditory Feedback
David Beattie, Lynne Baillie, Martin Halvey, Rod McCall

A Neurogram Matching Similarity Index (NMSI) for the Assessment of Audio Quality
Michael Drews, Steffen Schlapak, Stefano Rini, Michele Nicoletti, Werner Hemmert

Analytical Analysis of Disturbed Radio Broadcast
Jan Reimes, Marc Lepage, Frank Kettler, Jörg Zerlik, Frank Homann, Christoph Montag

Sensory Experience and Expectations

Measuring Sound Experience with In-Vehicle Speaker Systems
David Wilfinger, Nicole Perterer, Arno Laminger, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi

Evaluating the impact of expectations on end-user quality perception
Andreas Sackl, Raimund Schatz

Recommendations for the Subjective Evaluation of Sensory Experience
Benjamin Rainer, Christian Timmerer, Markus Waltl

User Experience in Human-Robot Interactions
Kristiina Jokinen, Graham Wilcock

Conversation Quality

On the influence of involvement on the quality of multiparty conferencing
Janto Skowronek, Falk Schiffner, Alexander Raake

Management Conversational Quality Predictor
Jan Holub, Peter Pocta, Jean-Yves Monfort, Joachim Pomy

Joint evaluation of communication quality and user experience in an audio-visual virtual reality meeting
Anders Møller, Pablo Hoffmann, Marcello Carrozzino, Claudia Faita, Giovanni Avveduto, Franco Tecchia, Flemming Christensen, Dorte Hammershøi

Wizard of Oz Approach for a 3DVO Video Communication System
Sara Kepplinger, Denise Tobian

Web and Cloud Services

Improved Internet speed tests can enhance QoS and QoE
Alfred Morton

Quality of Experience in Telepresence and Remote Collaboration Cloud Services
Pedro Casas, Dimitra Paraskevopoulou, Giuseppe Settanni, Stefan Suette, Patrick Zwickl, Raimund Schatz

Factors Influencing Gaming QoE: Lessons Learned from the Evaluation of Cloud Gaming Services
Sebastian Möller, Dennis Pommer, Justus Beyer, Jannis Rake-Revelant

Representation Switch Smoothing for Adaptive HTTP Streaming
Michael Grafl, Christian Timmerer

Need for Speed? On QoE for File Storage Services
Philipp Amrehn, Karel Vandenbroucke, Tobias Hoßfeld, Katrien De Moor, Matthias Hirth, Raimund Schatz, Pedro Casas