SMM19, Workshop on Speech, Music and Mind 2019

14 September 2019, Vienna, Austria

Chairs: Venkata S Viraraghavan, Alexander Schindler, João P Cabral, Gauri Deshpande and Sachin Patel

DOI: 10.21437/SMM.2019

Detecting mental states from speech

Prosodic and voice quality analyses of loud speech: differences of hot anger and far-directed speech
Carlos T. Ishi, Takayuki Kanda

A protocol for collecting speech data with varying degrees of trust
Lara Gauder, Agustín Gravano, Luciana Ferrer, Pablo Riera, Silvina Brussino

No Sample Left Behind: Towards a Comprehensive Evaluation of Speech Emotion Recognition Systems
Pablo Riera, Luciana Ferrer, Agustín Gravano, Lara Gauder

Towards Feature-space Emotional Speech Adaptation for TDNN based Telugu ASR systems
Vishnu Vidyadhara Raju V, Krishna Gurugubelli, Mirishkar Sai Ganesh, Anil Kumar Vuppala

Detection of emotional states of OCD patients in an exposure-response prevention therapy scenario
Kaajal Gupta, Anzar Zulfiqar, Pushpa Ramu, Tilak Purohit, V. Ramasubramanian

New Features for Speech Activity Detection
Punnoose A K

Transformation of voice quality in singing using glottal source features
João P. Cabral, Alexsandro R. Meireles

A Successive Difference Feature for Detecting Emotional Valence from Speech
Gauri Deshpande, Venkata Subramanian Viraraghavan, Rahul Gavas

Afternoon keynote speech

Everyday Features for Everyday Listening
John Ashley Burgoyne

Effect of music and audio on mental states

Visualizing Carnatic music as projectile motion in a uniform gravitational field
Venkata Viraraghavan, Rahul Gavas, Hema Murthy, R Aravind

Using Shared Vector Representations of Words and Chords in Music for Genre Classification
Timothy Greer, Shrikanth Narayanan

MAD-EEG: an EEG dataset for decoding auditory attention to a target instrument in polyphonic music
Giorgia Cantisani, Gabriel Trégoat, Slim Essid, Gaël Richard

Mining Mental States using Music Associations
Rajat Agarwal, Ravinder Singh, Suvi Saarikallio, Katrina McFerran, Vinoo Alluri

Synaesthesia: How can it be used to enhance the audio-visual perception of music and multisensory design in digitally enhanced environments?
Svetlana Rudenko, João P. Cabral