TAL2018, Sixth International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages

18-20 June 2018, Berlin, Germany

Chair: Hansjörg Mixdorff

DOI: 10.21437/TAL.2018

Oral session 1: Tone, accent, and intonation I

The non-lax question prosody of Akan
Susanne Genzel

the common word prosody in Northern Wu
Jianjing Kuang, Jia Tian, Yipei Zhou

Focus prosody in Brahvi and Balochi
Nasir A. Syed, Abdul Waheed Shah, Yi Xu

From tones to accents
Cédric Patin

Oral session 2: Tone, accent, and intonation II

Downstep effect and the interaction with focus and prosodic boundary in Mandarin Chinese
Bei Wang, Frank Kügler, Susanne Genzel

Interaction between word accent and intonational boundaries in Latvian
Jose Ignacio Hualde, Tomas Riad

Tonal Hybridization in Yami-Mandarin Contact
Li-Fang Lai, Shelome Gooden

Taiwanese Min Phonemic Tones and Prosodic Boundaries
Ho-Hsien Pan, Shao-Ren Lyu, Hsiao-Tung Huang, Mu-Fan Wang

Oral session 3: Typology of tones and tone languages

Construction-based tone patterns in Choguita Raramuri and Cilungu
Gabriella Caballero, Sharon Rose

Reduction in Dali Nisu tone change-in-progress
Wenjing Yang, Cathryn Yang

Using simulated learning to account for tone typology
Jeroen Breteler, Paul Boersma

F0 perturbation in a "pitch-accent" language
Jiayin Gao, Takayuki Arai


Intonation in tone languages
Frank Kügler

Oral session 5: Tone production and perception I

Tonogenesis: the perception of tone and the role of place of articulation in Kurtöp
William Peralta

A Preliminary Study on the Productivity of Mandarin T3 Sandhi in Mandarin-speaking Children
Xunan Huang, Gaoyuan Zhang, Caicai Zhang

Production and perception of lexical tone in Deori
Prarthana Acharyya, Shakuntala Mahanta

Acoustic correlates of word-accent in Basque
Jose Ignacio Hualde, Ander Beristain

Oral session 7: Psychological and neural mechanisms of tones

Head beats as pitch-accompanying visual correlates of primary and secondary lexical stress: evidence from Stockholm Swedish compounds
Anneliese Kelterer, Gilbert Ambrazaitis, David House

Revisiting Hemispheric Lateralization for Cantonese Lexical Tone Processing in Dichotic Listening
Gaoyuan Zhang, Jing Shao, Yubin Zhang, Caicai Zhang

Tone Merging Patterns in Congenital Amusia in Hong Kong Cantonese
Oi-Yee Ho, Jing Shao, Jinghua Ou, Sam-Po Law, Caicai Zhang

Oral session 8: Phonology and phonetics of tones

Context dependent and time-course dependent prosodic analysis
Vered Silber-Varod, Hamutal Kreiner, Noam Amir

The phonetic realization of tonal contrast in Dränjongke
Seunghun Lee, Hyun Kyung Hwang, Tomoko Monou, Shigeto Kawahara

Depressor consonants and the tones of Tonjungbe
Kpoglu Promise Dodzi, Patin Cédric

Extrinsic normalization of lexical tones and vowels?Beyond a simple contrastive general auditory mechanism
Kaile Zhang, Matthias Sjerps, Caicai Zhang, Gang Peng