FAAVSP - The 1st Joint Conference on Facial Analysis, Animation, and
Auditory-Visual Speech Processing

Vienna, Austria
September 11-13, 2015

Bibliographic Reference

[FAAVSP-2015] FAAVSP - The 1st Joint Conference on Facial Analysis, Animation, and Auditory-Visual Speech Processing, Vienna, Austria, September 11-13, 2015; ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/avsp15

Introduction to the Workshop

Author Index and Quick Access to Abstracts

Aharonson   Alghamdi   Alm   Alves Salgado   Ambrazaitis   Andersen   Andersen   Aubanel (99)   Aubanel (132)   Aubrey (147)   Aubrey (157)   Ayneto-Gimeno   Bailey   Bailly   Baraldi Knobel   Barbulescu   Barker   Batista   Bayard   Bear (115)   Bear (190)   Beautemps   Berthommier (22)   Berthommier   Best (28)   Best (67)   Bethamcherl   Brancazio   Brown   Cabral   Campbell   Chandrashekara   Chong   Clements   Colin   le Cornu   Cosker   COSTA ORVALHO   Costigan   Cox, Stephen (121)   Cox, Stephen (127)   Cox, Stephen J.   de la Cruz-Pavía   Davis (17)   Davis (46)   Davis (52)   Davis (67)   Davis (99)   Davis (132)   Dente   Dessein   Ding   Dohen   Eisert   Elias   Escrichs   Fenwick   Fort (7)   Fort (28)   Garrick   Geigel   de Gelder (57)   de Gelder (63)   Gervain   Goel   Gritzman   Haag   Halovic   Hammans   Harvey, Richard (115)   Harvey, Richard (127)   Harvey, Richard (190)   Hayamizu   HELZLE   Hennequin   Hilsmann   Hilton   Hiramatsu   Hönemann (52)   Hönemann (202)   Holm-Rasmussen   House   Huang   Huis In 't Veld (57)   Huis In 't Veld (63)   Huyse   Irwin   Kandel   Kappas   Kettern   Kim (17)   Kim (46)   Kim (52)   Kim (99)   Kim (132)   Kitamura   Kokkinara   Krahmer   Kroos   Krumhuber (147)   Krumhuber   Krumhuber   Kuester   Lan   Leybaert   Leybart   Li   Lundmark   Maddock   Mahajan   Makejevs   Marcheret   Marshall (147)   Marshall (157)   de Martino (12)   de Martino   McAuliffe   McDonnell   McDonnell   McMurray   Milner (103)   Milner (137)   Mixdorff (52)   Mixdorff (202)   Miyazawa   Möllering   Mulak   Niesler   Pantanowitz   Pantic   Paro Costa (12)   Paro Costa   Paul   Pelachaud   Petridis   Postma   Potamianos   Pouget   Pucher (84)   Pucher   Rademan   Rajgarhia   Rao   Rehg   Rilliard   Rochet-Capellan   Ronfard   Rosin (147)   Rosin (157)   Rozga   Rubin   Sato   Savariaux   Scarbel   Schabus (84)   Schabus   SCHWARTZ (keynote)   Schwartz (143)   Schwartz   Schwartz   Sebastián-Gallés   Serras Pereira   Shahid   Shimodaira   Simonetti   Smith, Caroline L.   Smith, Nicholas   Smith, William   SOONG   Stelle   Strauss   Su   Swerts (1)   Swerts   Takagi (57)   Takagi (63)   Takahashi   Tamura   Tanaka (57)   Tanaka (63)   Tanaka (185)   Thangthai, Ausdang   Thangthai, Kwanchiva   Theobald (88)   Theobald (127)   Thompson   Toffoli   Tsankova   Tyler   Ukai   Vallier   Vandeventer   Vatikiotis-Bateson (40)   Vatikiotis-Bateson   Visser   Vopicka   WANG, LIJUAN   Wang, Linwei   Wang, Rui   Websdale   Werker   Ye   Zelic   Zeng  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window. A certain number of papers in this conference are "empty", i.e., without abstract and PDF file. The authors of such papers are written in italic, and the respective links point to files only containing title, author(s), and affiliation(s).

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts


Helzle, Volker: "An artistic and tool-driven approach for believable digital characters" (abstract).

Costa Orvalho, Verónica: "How to create a look-a-like avatar pipeline using low-cost equipment" (abstract).

Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Audiovisual binding in speech perception" (abstract).

Soong, Frank / Wang, Lijuan: "From text-to-speech (TTS) to talking head - a machine learning approach to A/V speech modeling and rendering." (abstract).

Facial Analysis and Synthesis

Dessein, Arnaud / Makejevs, Aleksejs / Smith, William: "Towards synthesis of novel, photorealistic 3d faces" [no abstract].

Kettern, Markus / Hilsmann, Anna / Eisert, Peter: "Personalization of statistical face models for tracking and realistic animation" [no abstract].

Paro Costa, Paula D. / Martino, José Mario De: "Image-based expressive speech animation based on the OCC model of emotions" [no abstract].

Gritzman, Ashley / Aharonson, Vered / Rubin, David / Pantanowitz, Adam: "Threshold-based lip segmentation using feedback of shape information" [no abstract].

Perception, Emotion, and Corpora

Haag, Kathrin / Shimodaira, Hiroshi: "The university of edinburgh speaker personality and mocap dataset" [no abstract].

Serras Pereira, Mariana / Shahid, Suleman / Postma, Eric / Swerts, Marc: "Is your body lying? exploring bodily cues for deception using an automated movement analysis" [no abstract].


Costigan, Timothy / McDonnell, Rachel: "Speech independent emotion transfer for virtual faces" [no abstract].

Kokkinara, Elena / McDonnell, Rachel: "The effect of animation realism on face ownership and engagement" [no abstract].

Life Span

Visser, Mandy / Krahmer, Emiel / Swerts, Marc: "Children’s spontaneous emotional expressions while receiving (un)wanted prizes in the presence of peers", 1-6.

Fort, Mathilde / Escrichs, Anira / Ayneto-Gimeno, Alba / Sebastián-Gallés, Núria: "You can raise your eyebrows, i don’t mind: are monolingual and bilingual infants equally good at learning from the eyes region of a talking face?", 7-11.

Paro Costa, Paula D. / Batista, Daniella / Toffoli, Mayara / Baraldi Knobel, Keila A. / Alves Salgado, Cíntia / Martino, José Mario De: "Comparison of visual speech perception of sampled-based talking heads: adults and children with and without developmental dyslexia", 12-16.

Simonetti, Simone / Kim, Jeesun / Davis, Chris: "Cross-modality matching of linguistic prosody in older and younger adults", 17-21.

Huyse, Aurélie / Berthommier, Frédéric / Leybaert, Jacqueline: "“i do not see what you are saying”: reduced visual influence on mulimodal speech integration in children with SLI", 22-27.

Emotion, Personality, and Dialogue

Best, Catherine T. / Kroos, Christian H. / Mulak, Karen E. / Halovic, Shaun / Fort, Mathilde / Kitamura, Christine: "Message vs. messenger effects on cross-modal matching for spoken phrases", 28-33.

Barbulescu, Adela / Bailly, Gérard / Ronfard, Rémi / Pouget, Maël: "Audiovisual generation of social attitudes from neutral stimuli", 34-39.

Hönemann, Angelika / Mixdorff, Hansjörg / Rilliard, Albert: "Classification of auditory-visual attitudes in German", 202-207.

Stelle, Elizabeth / Smith, Caroline L. / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "Delayed auditory feedback with static and dynamic visual feedback", 40-45.

Chong, Chee Seng / Kim, Jeesun / Davis, Chris: "Visual vs. auditory emotion information: how language and culture affect our bias towards the different modalities", 46-51.

Culture and Language

Takagi, Sachiko / Miyazawa, Shiho / Huis In 't Veld, Elisabeth / Gelder, Beatrice de / Tanaka, Akihiro: "Comparison of multisensory display rules in expressing complex emotions between cultures", 57-62.

Tanaka, Akihiro / Takagi, Sachiko / Hiramatsu, Saori / Huis In &'t Veld, Elisabeth / Gelder, Beatrice de: "Towards the development of facial and vocal expression database in east Asian and Western cultures", 63-66.

Fenwick, Sarah / Davis, Chris / Best, Catherine T. / Tyler, Michael D.: "The effect of modality and speaking style on the discrimination of non-native phonological and phonetic contrasts in noise", 67-72.

Wang, Rui / Zeng, Biao / Thompson, Simon: "Audio-visual perception of Mandarin lexical tones in AX same-different judgment task", 73-77.

Visual Speech Synthesis

Ding, Yu / Pelachaud, Catherine: "Lip animation synthesis: a unified framework for speaking and laughing virtual agent", 78-83.

Schabus, Dietmar / Pucher, Michael: "Comparison of dialect models and phone mappings in HSMM-based visual dialect speech synthesis", 84-87.

Thangthai, Ausdang / Theobald, Barry-John: "HMM-based visual speech synthesis using dynamic visemes", 88-92.

Alghamdi, Najwa / Maddock, Steve / Brown, Guy J. / Barker, Jon: "Investigating the impact of artificial enhancement of lip visibility on the intelligibility of spectrally-distorted speech", 93-98.

Davis, Chris / Kim, Jeesun / Aubanel, Vincent / Zelic, Greg / Mahajan, Yatin: "The stability of mouth movements for multiple talkers over multiple sessions", 99-102.

Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

Cornu, Thomas Le / Milner, Ben: "Voicing classification of visual speech using convolutional neural networks", 103-108.

Petridis, Stavros / Rajgarhia, Varun / Pantic, Maja: "Comparison of single-model and multiple-model prediction-based audiovisual fusion", 109-114.

Bear, Helen L. / Harvey, Richard / Lan, Yuxuan: "Finding phonemes: improving machine lip-reading", 115-120.

Cox, Stephen: "Discovering patterns in visual speech", 121-126.

Thangthai, Kwanchiva / Harvey, Richard / Cox, Stephen / Theobald, Barry-John: "Improving lip-reading performance for robust audiovisual speech recognition using DNNs", 127-131.

Visual Speech Perception

Bayard, Clémence / Colin, Cécile / Leybart, Jacqueline: "Integration of auditory, labial and manual signals in cued speech perception by deaf adults: an adaptation of the McGurk paradigm", 163-168.

Aubanel, Vincent / Davis, Chris / Kim, Jeesun: "Explaining the visual and masked-visual advantage in speech perception in noise: the role of visual phonetic cues", 132-136.

Websdale, Danny / Milner, Ben: "Analysing the importance of different visual feature coefficients", 137-142.

Scarbel, Lucie / Beautemps, Denis / Schwartz, Jean-Luc / Sato, Marc: "Auditory and audiovisual close-shadowing in normal and cochlear-implanted hearing impaired subjects", 143-146.

Poster Sessions

Cabral, Joao / Huang, Yuyun / Elias, Christy / Su, Ketong / Campbell, Nick: "Interface for monitoring of engagement from audio-visual cues" [no abstract].

Dente, Pasquale / Kuester, Dennis / Krumhuber, Eva: "Boxing the face: a comparison of dynamic facial databases used in facial analysis and animation" [no abstract].

Pucher, Michael / Schabus, Dietmar: "Visio-articulatory to acoustic conversion of speech" [no abstract].

Cosker, Darren / Krumhuber, Eva / Hilton, Adrian: "Perceived emotionality of linear and non-linear AUs synthesised using a 3d dynamic morphable facial model" [no abstract].

Vandeventer, Jason / Aubrey, Andrew J. / Rosin, Paul L. / Marshall, David: "4D Cardiff Conversation Database (4D CCDb): a 4D database of natural, dyadic conversations", 157-162.

Rademan, Christiaan / Niesler, Thomas: "Improved visual speech synthesis using dynamic viseme k-means clustering and decision trees", 169-174.

Marcheret, Etienne / Potamianos, Gerasimos / Vopicka, Josef / Goel, Vaibhava: "Scattering vs. discrete cosine transform features in visual speech processing", 175-180.

Bear, Helen L. / Cox, Stephen J. / Harvey, Richard W.: "Speaker-independent machine lip-reading with speaker-dependent viseme classifiers", 190-195.

Ukai, Kazuto / Tamura, Satoshi / Hayamizu, Satoru: "Stream weight estimation using higher order statistics in multi-modal speech recognition", 181-184.

Smith, Nicholas / Vallier, Timothy / McMurray, Bob / Hammans, Christine / Garrick, Julia: "Environmental, linguistic, and developmental influences on mothers’ speech to children: an examination of audible and visible properties" [no abstract].

Chandrashekara, Ganesh Attigodu / Berthommier, Frédéric / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Dynamics of audiovisual binding in elderly population" [no abstract].

Rao, Hrishikesh / Ye, Zhefan / Li, Yin / Clements, Mark A. / Rozga, Agata / Rehg, James M.: "Combining acoustic and visual features to detect laughter in adults’ speech", 153-156.

Hennequin, Alexandre / Rochet-Capellan, Amélie / Dohen, Marion: "Auditory-visual perception of VCVs produced by people with down syndrome: a preliminary study" [no abstract].

Holm-Rasmussen, Bo / Andersen, Tobias: "The perceived sequence of consonants in mcgurk combination illusions depends on syllabic stress" [no abstract].

Andersen, Tobias: "An answer to a naïve question to the McGurk effect: why does audio /b/ give more /d/ percepts with visual /g/ than with visual /d/?" [no abstract].

Takahashi, Maiko / Tanaka, Akihiro: "Optimal timing of audio-visual text presentation: the role of attention", 185-189.

Mixdorff, Hansjörg / Hönemann, Angelika / Kim, Jeesun / Davis, Chris: "Anticipation of turn-Switching in auditory-visual dialogs", 52-56.

Cruz-Pavía, Irene De la / McAuliffe, Michael / Werker, Janet / Gervain, Judit / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "Visual cues to phrase segmentation and the acquisition of word order" [no abstract].

Ambrazaitis, Gilbert / Lundmark, Malin Svensson / House, David: "Head movements, eyebrows, and phonological prosodic prominence levels in Stockholm Swedish news broadcasts" [no abstract].

Strauss, Antje / Savariaux, Christophe / Kandel, Sonia / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Visual lip information supports auditory word segmentation" [no abstract].

Tsankova, Elena / Krumhuber, Eva / Aubrey, Andrew J. / Kappas, Arvid / Möllering, Guido / Marshall, David / Rosin, Paul L.: "The multi-modal nature of trustworthiness perception", 147-152.

Bethamcherla, Vasudev / Paul, Will / Alm, Cecilia Ovesdotter / Bailey, Reynold / Geigel, Joe / Wang, Linwei: "Face-speech sensor fusion for non-invasive stress detection", 196-201.

Irwin, Julia / Brancazio, Lawrence: "The development of patterns of gaze to a speaking face", 208-212.