8th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Geneva, Switzerland
September 1-4, 2003


Beyond a Single Critical-Band in TRAP Based ASR

Pratibha Jain, Hynek Hermansky

Oregon Health & Science University, USA

TRAP based ASR attempts to extract information from rather long (as long as 1 s) and narrow(one critical-band) patches (temporal patterns) from time-frequency plane. We investigate the effect of combining temporal patterns of logarithmic critical-band energies from several adjacent bands. The frequency context is gradually increased from one critical-band to several critical-bands by using temporal patterns jointly from adjacent bands as input to the class-posterior estimators. We show that up to three critical-bands of frequency context is required for achieving higher recognition performance. This work also indicates that local bands interaction is important for improved speech recognition performance.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Jain, Pratibha / Hermansky, Hynek (2003): "Beyond a single critical-band in TRAP based ASR", In EUROSPEECH-2003, 437-440.