8th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Geneva, Switzerland
September 1-4, 2003


The Use of Confidence Measures in Vector Based Call-Routing

Stephen J. Cox, Gavin Cawley

University of East Anglia, U.K.

In previous work, we experimented with different techniques of vector-based call routing, using the transcriptions of the queries to compare algorithms. In this paper, we base the routing decisions on the recogniser output rather than transcriptions and examine the use of confidence measures (CMs) to combat the problems caused by the "noise" in the recogniser output. CMs are derived for both the words output from the recogniser and for the routings themselves and are used to investigate improving both routing accuracy and routing confidence. Results are given for a 35 route retail store enquiry-point task. They suggest that although routing error is controlled by the recogniser error-rate, confidence in routing decisions can be improved using these techniques.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Cox, Stephen J. / Cawley, Gavin (2003): "The use of confidence measures in vector based call-routing", In EUROSPEECH-2003, 633-636.