Invitational Round Table
“Evidence-based Voice and Speech Rehabilitation in Head and Neck Cancer”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 15-16, 2008

Bibliographic Reference

[EVSR-2008] Invitational Round Table “Evidence-based Voice and Speech Rehabilitation in Head and Neck Cancer”, ed. by F. J. M. Hilgers, L. C. W. Pols, M. van Rossum, and M. W. M. van den Brekel; ISCA Archive,

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Ahlberg   van As-Brooks (8)   van As-Brooks (41)   Debruyne   Doyle   Eadie   Engström   Eysholdt   Gunnarsson   Hilgers   Jongmans   Labaere   Laurell   Lohscheller   Nikolaidis   Pols   Rosanowski   van Rossum   Schuster   Searl   Sharp   Vanderwegen  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

As-Brooks, Corina J. van: "Acoustic analyses of postlaryngectomy voice and their perceptual relevance", 8-14.

Eysholdt, Ulrich / Schuster, M. / Lohscheller, J. / Rosanowski, F.: "Objective evaluation of TE substitute voice and speech", 15-18.

Searl, Jeff: "Articulatory aerodynamics, contact pressures and sense of effort during tracheoesophageal speech", 19-40.

Jongmans, Petra / Rossum, Maya van / As-Brooks, Corina J. van / , Frans Hilgers (1,2), Louis Pols (1) / Hilgers, Frans / Pols, Louis: "An evidence-based rehabilitation program for tracheoesophageal speakers", 41-60.

Eadie, Tanya L.: "Quality of life after total laryngectomy", 61-89.

Doyle, Philip C.: "Oral and oropharyngeal cancer: speech outcomes and the need to monitor change over time", 90-114.

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