ExLing 2010 - Third Workshop on Experimental Linguistics

Athens, Greece
August 25-27, 2010

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[ExLing-2010] ExLing 2010 - Third Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, Athens, Greece, August 25-27, 2010; ed. by A. Botinis, M. Fourakis, and B. Gawronska; ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/exling_2010

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Agapitou   Alexandris   Alonso   Anastassiou   Andreou (1)   Andreou (53)   Blochowiak   Boudraa   Calabrese   de Camargo (33)   de Camargo (105)   Castelain   Castro   Chaida (21)   Chaida (25)   Chaida (125)   Cichocki   d'Apolito   Droua-Hamdani   Epistithiou (97)   Epistithiou (113)   Fourakis (41)   Fourakis (125)   Fox   Freitas   French   Fujio   Galantomos (1)   Galantomos (53)   García   Grimaldi   Grohmann (73)   Grohmann (81)   Grohmann (185)   Hatzivasiliou   Hatzopoulou (57)   Hatzopoulou (89)   Henriques   Jacewicz   Johnston   Kainada   Kambanaros   Kapatsinski   Karlsson   Karpava   Kliper   Kujala   Kyriacou   Lazarou   Lehtinen   Leivada (97)   Leivada (113)   Li   Madureira (33)   Madureira (105)   Martin   Martins   Mavroudi (97)   Mavroudi (113)   Moeschler   Moraes   Müller   Näätänen   Nikolaenkova   Nirgianaki (25)   Nirgianaki (125)   Oh   Oliveira   Panaretou   Paradowski   Pavlou   Peltola   Portuguese   Roberts (149)   Roberts (153)   Salonen   Savino   Selouani   Serridge   Shriberg   Shukla   Silva   Sisinni   de Sousa   Szabó   Tamminen   Teixeira   Themistocleous   Theodorou (73)   Theodorou (185)   Tilkens   Todaka   Toivonen   Tundo   Twist   Vaizman   Wayland   Weinshall   Zhang  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Agapitou, Paraskevi / Galantomos, Ioannis / Andreou, Georgia: "Language difficulties in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder", 1-4.

Alexandris, Christina: "Human-computer interaction systems and elderly users: linguistic specifications for prosodic modelling", 5-8.

Alonso, Pilar: "Importing mental patterns of coherence as a comprehension strategy: a case study of errors in reference assignment", 9-12.

Blochowiak, Joanna / Moeschler, Jacques / Castelain, Thomas: "The impact of order and aspect in processing of causally linked sentences", 13-16.

Castro, Luciana / Serridge, Ben / Moraes, João / Freitas, Myrian: "The prosody of the TV news speaking style in Brazilian Portuguese", 17-20.

Chaida, Anthi: "Perceptual cues for sentence intonation in Greek", 21-24.

Chaida, Anthi / Nirgianaki, Elina / Panaretou, Eleni: "Text punctuation and prosody in Greek", 25-28.

d'Apolito, Sonia: "Coarticulation of consonant clusters in Italian learners of French", 29-32.

Camargo, Zuleica Antonia de / Madureira, Sandra: "The acoustic analysis of speech samples designed for the voice profile analysis scheme for Brazilian Portuguese (BP-VPAS): long-term F0 and intensity measures", 33-36.

Droua-Hamdani, Ghania / Selouani, Sid Ahmed / Boudraa, Malika / Cichocki, Wladyslaw: "Algerian Arabic rhythm classification", 37-40.

Fourakis, Marios / Karlsson, Heather / Tilkens, Christie / Shriberg, Lawrence: "Acoustic correlates of nasopharyngeal resonance", 41-44.

Fox, Robert Allen / Jacewicz, Ewa: "Dialect and generational differences in vowel space areas", 45-48.

Fujio, Misa: "How to incorporate qualitative analysis into experimental research: why Japanese students studying in the UK did not improve their fluency?", 49-52.

Galantomos, Ioannis / Andreou, Georgia / Anastassiou, Fotini: "Evaluating languages functions in a trilingual setting", 53-56.

Hatzivasiliou, Thalia / Hatzopoulou, Marianna: "Production of inflectional morphology in a child with moderate hearing impairment", 57-60.

Henriques, Isabel: "How learning to read and write influences the dialectal traits in -sc clusters", 61-64.

García, Francisco Javier Bucio: "Tarascan dialectal and generational differences around aspirated stops", 65-68.

Kainada, Evia: "Boundary-related durations in modern Greek", 68-72.

Kambanaros, Maria / Grohmann, Kleanthes K. / Theodorou, Eleni: "Action and object naming in mono- and bilingual children with language impairment", 73-76.

Kapatsinski, Vsevolod / Johnston, Lamia Haddad: "Is that a bnik i see? testing phonotactics using word-picture matching", 77-80.

Karpava, Sviatlana / Grohmann, Kleanthes K.: "Embedded aspect in L2 acquisition: evidence from L1-Russian learners of Greek", 81-84.

Kliper, Roi / Vaizman, Yonatan / Weinshall, Daphna / Portuguese, Shirley: "Evidence for depression and schizophrenia in speech prosody", 85-88.

Lazarou, Evaggelia / Hatzopoulou, Marianna: "The effect of cochlear implants on phonological acquisition", 89-92.

Lehtinen, Mari: "Observations on the prosodic characteristics of Finnish-speaking youngsters with Asperger syndrome", 93-96.

Leivada, Evelina / Mavroudi, Paraskevi / Epistithiou, Anna: "Metalanguage or bidialectism? acquisition of clitic placement by Hellenic Greeks, Greek Cypriots and binationals in the diglossic context of Cyprus", 97-100.

Li, Bin / Wayland, Ratree / Zhang, Caicai: "Contextual information in (non-)native speech perception in noise", 101-104.

Madureira, Sandra / Camargo, Zuleica Antonia de: "Exploring sound symbolism in the investigation of speech expressivity", 105-108.

Martin, Philippe: "A dynamic view of the prosodic structure: the example of French", 109-112.

Mavroudi, Paraskevi / Leivada, Evelina / Epistithiou, Anna: "Acquisition of lightverbhood: evidence from Cypriot Greek", 113-116.

Müller, Daniela: "Phonetic factors influencing /l/-rhoticisation in Greek", 117-120.

Nikolaenkova, Olga: "Perception of “tonal focus” in Greek", 121-124.

Nirgianaki, Elina / Chaida, Anthi / Fourakis, Marios: "Acoustic structure of fricative consonants in Greek", 125-128.

Oh, Sunyoung: "The IPA training on the pronunciation of difficult English words for Cantonese speakers", 129-132.

Oliveira, Catarina / Teixeira, António / Martins, Paula: "Towards an articulatory characterization of european portuguese /l/", 133-136.

Paradowski, Michaŀ B.: "A complexity science perspective on language spread", 137-140.

Pavlou, Natalia: "inda mbu, nambu or ine ti pu? acquiring complex structures in Cypriot Greek", 141-144.

Peltola, Maija S. / Tamminen, Henna / Salonen, Laura / Toivonen, Heidi / Kujala, Teija / Näätänen, Risto: "Two languages – one brain", 145-148.

Roberts, Lisa: "Real and acted responses of distress: an auditory and acoustic analysis of extreme stress and emotion", 149-152.

Roberts, Lisa / French, Peter: "How context affects perception: judging distress and linguistic content in forensic audio recordings", 153-156.

Savino, Michelina: "Intonational strategies for backchanneling in Italian Map Task dialogues", 157-160.

Shukla, Sunil R.: "Improving intelligibility of synthesized speech in noise with emphasized prosody", 161-164.

Silva, Cláudia: "There is more to chat discourse than written conversation", 165-168.

Sisinni, Bianca / Grimaldi, Mirko / Tundo, Elisa / Calabrese, Andrea: "Visual attention during L1 and L2 sounds perception: an eye-tracking study", 169-172.

Szabó, Eszter: "Pause ratio effect in emotion ascribing", 173-176.

Sousa, Lílian Teixeira de: "Prosodic evidences to sentential negation in Brazilian portuguese", 177-180.

Themistocleous, Charalambos / Kyriacou, Stelios: "Focus prominence and tonal alignment in Athenian and Cypriot Greek", 181-184.

Theodorou, Eleni / Grohmann, Kleanthes K.: "Narratives in Cypriot Greek mono- and bilingual children with SLI", 185-188.

Todaka, Yuichi: "English communication skills for prospective English teachers in Japan", 189-192.

Twist, Alina: "Morphological productivity in Maltese verbs", 193-196.