ExLing 2011 - Fourth Workshop on Experimental Linguistics

Paris, France
May 25-27, 2011

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[ExLing-2011] Fourth Workshop on Experimental Linguistics (ExLing 2011), ed. by Antonis Botinis; ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/exling_2011

Introduction to the Workshop

Author Index and Quick Access to Abstracts

Ankerstein   Bahadır (15)   Bahadır (31)   Bakakou-Orphanou   Bánréti (19)   Bánréti (23)   Bardiaux   Blochowiak   Bonitz   Botinis (39)   Botinis (43)   Boula de Mareüil   de Camargo (51)   de Camargo (115)   Chaida (39)   Chaida (43)   Chaida (143)   Chanethom   Chasan   Chernigovskaya (59)   Chernigovskaya (147)   Collado   Dubasova   Fecher   Galantomos   Gor   Guillamón   Hofferberth   Hoffmann   Holler   Karpava   Kataeva   Kim   Kireev   Korotkov   Madureira (51)   Madureira (115)   Magoula (43)   Magoula (111)   Martin   Medvedev   Memetova   Mendousse   Mészáros (19)   Mészáros (23)   Mykhaylyk   Nikolaenkova   Nirgianaki   Őrley   Omana   Polinsky   Rusilo (51)   Rusilo (115)   di Russo   Sang   Sloos   Soroli   Thompson   Todd   Toplu   Torrens   Tripolitou   Utekhin   Vercherand   XU   Yousuf-Little   Zeyrek  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Paper

Xu, Yi: "Functions and mechanisms in linguistic research - lessons from speech prosody", 1-10.

Regular Papers

Ankerstein, Carrie A.: "Qualitatively similar automatic semantic priming in native nnd non-native speakers", 11-14.

Bahadır, Gözde / Polinsky, Maria: "Structural priming and the phrasal/clausal distinction: the case of concealed questions", 15-18.

Bánréti, Zoltán / Mészáros, Éva: "Syntactic recursion and theory-of-mind reasoning in agrammatic aphasia", 19-22.

Bánréti, Zoltán / Mészáros, Éva / Hoffmann, Ildikó / Őrley, Zita: "Recursion in language, theory-of-mind inference and arithmetic: aphasia and Alzheimer's disease", 23-26.

Toplu, Ayşe Betül / Zeyrek, Deniz: "Linguistic and non-linguistic investigation of motion events", 27-30.

Blochowiak, Joanna / Bahadır, Gözde: "Semantic priming at the sentence level: causal vs. purposive because", 31-34.

Bonitz, Petra-Kristin / Holler, Anke: "Subject gaps in German coordinative structures - empirical evidence for a gradient phenomenon", 35-38.

Botinis, Antonis / Bakakou-Orphanou, Aikaterini / Chaida, Anthi: "Prosody and quantifier semantics in Greek", 39-42.

Botinis, Antonis / Chaida, Anthi / Magoula, Evgenia: "Phonology and phonetics of Greek palatalisation", 43-46.

Boula de Mareüil, Philippe / Bardiaux, Alice: "Perception of French, Belgian and Swiss accents by French and Belgian listeners", 47-50.

Camargo, Zuleica Antonia de / Madureira, Sandra / Rusilo, Luiz Carlos: "Evaluating speech samples designed for the Voice Profile Analysis Scheme for Brazilian Portuguese (BP-VPAS)", 51-54.

Chanethom, Vincent: "Dynamic differences in child bilinguals' production of diphthongs", 55-58.

Chernigovskaya, Tatiana / Gor, Kira / Kataeva, Galina / Korotkov, Alexander / , Maxim Kireev (3), Kristina Memetova (3), Svyatoslav Medvedev (3) / Kireev, Maxim / Memetova, Kristina / Medvedev, Svyatoslav: "Processing Russian inflectional morphology: a PET study of verb generation", 59-62.

Russo, Domenico Di: "The terminal contour of Italian semi-spontaneous instructions", 63-66.

Dubasova, Anzhelika: "Models or strategies? on the perception of ambiguous words", 67-70.

Fecher, Natalie: "Spectral properties of fricatives: a forensic approach", 71-74.

Galantomos, Ioannis: "Vocabulary learning strategies among advanced Turkish learners", 75-78.

Guillamón, Pilar Mompeán: "Vowel-colour associations in non-synesthetes: a study with Spanish and Arabic participants", 79-82.

Hofferberth, Nina Jeanette: "The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon: search strategy and resolution during word finding difficulties", 83-86.

Karpava, Sviatlana: "L2 Greek morphological agreement", 87-90.

Kim, Meesook: "Perceptual and lexical priming of syntactic construction in young children", 91-94.

Martin, Philippe: "Time selected multiple algorithms for reliable f0 tracking in difficult recording conditions", 95-98.

Mendousse, Kevin: "Towards a mental representation of vowel height in SSBE speakers", 99-102.

Mykhaylyk, Roksolana: "Prosodic patterns in child speech", 103-106.

Nikolaenkova, Olga: "Tonal and syntactic correlates of focus perception in Greek and Russian", 107-110.

Nirgianaki, Elina / Chasan, Ougour / Magoula, Evgenia: "Production of Greek and Turkish vowels by bilingual speakers", 111-114.

Rusilo, Luiz Carlos / Camargo, Zuleica Antonia de / Madureira, Sandra: "The validity of some acoustic measures to predict voice quality settings: trends between acoustic and perceptual correlates of voice quality", 115-118.

Sang, Yumei: "Lexical stress in modern Halh Mongolian", 119-122.

Sloos, Marjoleine: "Pretonic schwa reduction in dutch: frequency effects interact with phonotactics", 123-126.

Soroli, Efstathia: "Typology and spatial cognition in English, French and Greek: evidence from eye-tracking", 127-130.

Thompson, Ellen / Collado, Javier / Omana, Maria / Yousuf-Little, Amanda: "The processing of asymmetric and symmetric sentential conjunction", 131-134.

Todd, Richard: "Identifications of speaker-ethnicity: attribution accuracy in changeable settings", 135-138.

Torrens, Vicenç: "Participle agreement and clitic omission", 139-142.

Tripolitou, Maria / Chaida, Anthi: "High functioning autism and prosody of sentence types in Greek: a case study", 143-146.

Utekhin, Ilya / Chernigovskaya, Tatiana: "Metacommunicative devices in spoken discourse as part of processing distributed cognitive tasks", 147-150.

Vercherand, Géraldine: "Perceptual level of intonation in whispered voice", 151-154.