International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 1999)

Florence, Italy
September 1-3, 1999

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[MAVEBA-1999] International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 1999), Florence, Italy, September 1-3, 1999; ed. by C. Manfredi and P. Bruscaglioni; ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Methodological Aspects

Moore, C. J. / Slevin, N. / Winstanley, S.: "Characterising vowel phonation by fundamental spectral normalisation of LX-waveforms", 1-6.

Hertrich, Ingo / Ackermann, Hermann: "Analysis of neurological dysphonias: methodological considerations", 7-11.

Henrich, Nathalie / Doval, Boris / d'Alessandro, Christophe: "Glottal open quotient estimation using linear prediction", 12-17.

Singing Voice

Kakita, Yuki / Fujimura, Osamu: "Sharp tuning in overtone singing by effectively employing anti-resonances", 18-23.

Wakefield, Gregory H.: "Chromagram visualization of the singing voice", 24-29.

Mellody, Maureen / Wakefield, Gregory H.: "A high-resolution time-frequency analysis of the singing voice", 30-35.

Schoentgen, Jean / Bucella, Fabrizio: "Wavelet analysis of sustained vowel spectra in view of the characterization of hoarseness", 36-41.

Manfredi, Claudia / Bruscaglioni, Piero / D'Aniello, Massimo / Pierazzi, Luigi / Ismaelli, Andrea: "Pitch and noise estimation in hoarse voices", 42-47.

Godino-Llorente, Juan I. / Aguilera-Navarro, Santiago / Palazuelos-Cagigas, Sira E. / Martin-Sánchez, José L.: "Does it affect feature "sex" on automatic detection of impaired voices?", 48-53.

Krot, Alexander M. / Tkachova, Polina P.: "The nonlinear signal decomposition in voice recognition system constructing", 54-58.

Tkachova, Polina P. / Krot, Alexander M.: "The use of nonlinear filtering for the problem of voice variability solving", 59-64.

Krot, Alexander M. / Kudryavtsev, Vadim O.: "Speech signal synthesis based on the filter banks in finite and polynomial rings", 65-69.

Vilain, Coriandre / Pelorson, Xavier / Thomas, Dorothée: "Effects of an induced asymmetry on the flow through the glottis in relation to voice pathology", 70-73.

Ouaknine, Maurice / Parizot, Laurence / Giovanni, Antoine / Triglia, Jean Michel: "A separate detection of the vibration of each vocal fold by a new opto-electronic device", 74-77.

Ericsdotter, Christine / Sundberg, Johan / Lindblom, Björn / Stark, Johan: "APEX - an articulatory model for speech and singing", 78-82.

Merk, Michael / Ziegler, Wolfram / Brendel, Bettina: "Acoustic assessment of neurogenic voice disorders in a clinical setting", 83-85.

Tomik, Barbara / Wszolek, Wieslaw / Glodzik-Sobanska, Lidia / Lechwacka, Anna / Szczudlik, Andrzej / Engel, Zbigniew: "Application of acoustic speech analysis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis subjects", 86-91.

Laine, Unto K. / Laukkanen, Anne-Maria / Leino, Timo: "Analysis of intraperiodic formant modulations in spoken and sung vowels", 92-97.

Wermke, Kathleen / Mende, Werner: "Analysis of cries of singletons and twins during the first year of life", 98-102.

Accardo, A. / Clarici, A. / Vonderveidt, U. de / Caselli, M. / Garau, A. / Travan, C.: "A non-linear approach to the parametric analysis of spontaneous and pain cry in the human infant", 103-107.

Bovbel, Evgeny I. / Tkachova, Polina P. / Kheidorov, Igor E.: "Autoregressive hidden Markov model for applied tasks of vocal fold pathology detection", 108-111.

Bovbel, Evgeny I. / Toumilovich, Mikhail A.: "Stochastic approach to vocal fold pathology diagnostics", 112-117.

Parshin, Vyacheslav V. / Toumilovich, Mikhail A.: "Neural networks techniques for vocal fold pathology detection", 118-119.

Bressmann, Tim / Sader, Robert / Ziegler, Wolfram / Awan, Shaheen / Merk, Michael / Zeilhofer, Hans-Florian / Horch, Hans-Henning: "Higher prevalence of voice disorders in patients with cleft lip and palate? results from two studies", 122-127.

McGillion, M. A. / Ritchings, R. T. / Moore, C. J.: "Automatic assessment of voice quality using fundamental harmonic normalised spectra and Gaussian mixtures", 128-131.

Tadeusiewicz, Ryszard / Wszolek, Wieslaw / Izworski, Andrzej / Wszolek, Tadeusz: "Methods of deformed speech analysis", 132-139.

Colli, Mariaisabella / Mondino, Roberto / Ozzano, Enrico / Sacchi, Alfredo: "From signal processing to speech processing analysis by neuro-fuzzy expert system for automatic diagnosis", 140-143.

Bovbel, Evgeny I. / Kukharchik, P. D. / Kheidorov, Igor E.: "The joint speech/video signal processing for persons with limited physical possibilities", 144-145.

Barbuzza, Rosana G. / Doorn, Jorge H.: "Waveform modeling of nasal to vocalic voice evolution", 146-151.

Minervina, Elena B.: "An express-reconstruction of distorted speech by inverse filtering method", 152-156.

Dailyudenko, Victor F. / Krot, Alexander M. / Minervina, Elena B.: "Active biomedical media exploration by means of spectral analysis approaches and chaotic signal attractor trajectories investigation", 157-162.

Aguilar, A. / Diego, M. C. / Sanchez-Lancis, E.: "Individual differences in speaker idiosyncrasies on phonetic regularities of bilingual subjects", 163-170.

Diego, M. C. / Aguilar, A.: "Speaker idiosyncrasy on phonetic regularities in function of temporal parameters of voice", 171-175.