International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 1999)

Florence, Italy
September 1-3, 1999

Active Biomedical Media Exploration by Means of Spectral Analysis Approaches and Chaotic Signal Attractor Trajectories Investigation

Victor F. Dailyudenko, Alexander M. Krot, Elena B. Minervina

Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, AS of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Abstract. The mathematical model of nervous pulse propagation in the homogeneous nervous fibre is constructed on the basis of spectral analysis methods. The results of digitized cardiosignal investigation on the basis of nonlinear dynamics approach (local - topological analysis of chaotic attractor trajectories) and spectral analysis methods (fast Fourier transforming) are represented. It is shown that the local - topological analysis of phase trajectories allows to estimate a number of freedom degrees of electrocardiosignal and complexity degree of myocardium dynamics.

Index Terms. autowaves, nervous pulse propagation, minimal embedding dimension.

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Bibliographic reference.  Dailyudenko, Victor F. / Krot, Alexander M. / Minervina, Elena B. (1999): "Active biomedical media exploration by means of spectral analysis approaches and chaotic signal attractor trajectories investigation", In MAVEBA-1999, 157-162.