Second International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2001)

Florence, Italy
September 13-15, 2001

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[MAVEBA-2001] Second International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2001), Florence, Italy, September 13-15, 2001; ed. by C. Manfredi and P. Bruscaglioni; ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Abderahim   Atreya   Avanzini   Belforte   Benahmed Daho   Benamrane (169)   Benamrane (176)   Berckmans (222)   Berckmans (235)   Bisetti   Bolfan-Stošiċ (79)   Bolfan-Stošiċ (181)   Bruscaglioni   Cano Ortiz (84)   Cano Ortiz (91)   Capdevila Bravo   Carello   Castro   Clements   Coello Frometa   Colli   D'Aniello   Dedouch   Döllinger (27)   Döllinger (193)   Doorn   Drioli   Escobedo Beceiro (84)   Escobedo Beceiro (91)   Estill   Eysholdt (27)   Eysholdt (193)   Faenza   Farago   Freville   Fujimura (59)   FUJIMURA (123)   Funaki   Garetto   Guha   Hedjever   Hettlich   Hirschberg, A.   HIRSCHBERG, Mico   van Hirtum (222)   van Hirtum (235)   Hoppe (27)   Hoppe (193)   Horáček (2)   Horáček (69)   HOWARD   Izworski (125)   IZWORSKI (228)   Jo   Jones   Jürgens   Kataoka   Kawahara   Kim, Daehyun   Kim, Kwangin   Kitajima   Klepáček   Kob   Krot (195)   Krot (201)   Krot (246)   Kršek   Kudryavtsev   Kuwabara   Lebeau   Lucero   Manfredi (156)   Manfredi (211)   Le Marre   Matassini   McGillion   Mende (45)   MENDE (75)   Minervina   Mišun   Modrzejewski   Moore (48)   Moore (230)   Morris   Nemmiche   Neuschaefer-Rube   Ottaviani   Owaki   Ozdas   Pape   Parraga   PELORSON (1)   Pelorson (8)   Perrier   Regüeiferos Prego   Ritchings   Rosanowski   Ruiz Miyares   Sacchi   Savariaux   Schindler, A.   Schindler, O.   Schuberth (27)   Schuberth (193)   Schuck Jr   Sciolla   Shiavi   Silverman, Marilyn K.   Silverman, Stephen E.   Somkuwar   Švec (2)   Švec (69)   Tadeusiewicz (125)   Tadeusiewicz (150)   Tkachova   Vampola   Veselý   Vetešník   Vilain   Vilkman   Wainschenker   Wang   WERMKE   Wilkes   Willems   Wszolek, Tadeusz (125)   Wszolek, Tadeusz (150)   Wszolek, Wieslaw (125)   Wszolek, Wieslaw (150)   Zaro  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to tutorial papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Tutorial Papers

Pelorson, Xavier / Hirschberg, Mico: "Physical models of the vocal folds including pathologies", 1.

Howard, David M.: "The real and the non-real in speech measurements", 35-44.

Wermke, Kathleen / Mende, Werner: "Analysis of cries of singletons and twins during the first year of life", 75-78.

Fujimura, Osamu: "Voice quality as an aspect of prosodic control in speech utterance: the base function representation of the c/d model", 123-124.

Izworski, Andrzej: "Speech processing and recognition using artificial intelligence methods", 228-229.

Physical and Mechanical Models

Horáček, Jaromír / Švec, Jan G. / Veselý, Jan / Vilkman, Erkki / Klepáček, Ivo / Vetešník, Aleš: "Measurement of the vocal-fold vibration behaviour in excised human larynges", 2-7.

Vilain, C. / Pelorson, Xavier / Hirschberg, A. / Willems, J. F. H. / Marre, L. Le: "Study of the airflow through in-vitro oscillating pathological vocal folds", 8-13.

Belforte, Guido / Carello, Massimiliana: "Experimental comparison between Staffieri and new tracheo-oesophageal prostheses", 14-20.

Kitajima, Kazutomo / Kataoka, Hideyuki / Owaki, Shigehiro: "Effects of transglottal pressure on fundamental frequency of phonation: study with a rubber model", 21-26.

Döllinger, Michael / Hoppe, Ulrich / Schuberth, Stefan / Hettlich, Frank / Eysholdt, Ulrich: "Detecting asymmetries in high speed observations of vocal folds during phonation", 27-34.

Problems and Pitfalls in Modelling and Analyis of Speech Signals

Mende, Werner: "Problems and pitfalls in pitch estimation of infant cries and voice signals", 45-47.

Moore, Christopher J. / Jones, Susan: "Stimulated production of vowel-like LX-waveforms and spectral damping in the absence of phonation", 48-52.

Mišun, Vojtěch: "The sound-damping characteristics of the vocal tract cavities", 53-58.

Software / Multi-Parametric Analysis of Speech Signals

Kawahara, Hideki / Estill, Jo / Fujimura, Osamu: "Aperiodicity extraction and control using mixed mode excitation and group delay manipulation for a high quality speech analysis, modification and synthesis system STRAIGHT", 59-64.

Schindler, A. / Garetto, M. L. / Bisetti, M. Spadola / Ottaviani, F. / Schindler, O.: "Pitch control in tracheoesophageal voice", 65-68.

Dedouch, Karel / Horáček, Jaromír / Vampola, Tomáš / Kršek, Přemysl / Švec, Jan G.: "Mathematical modelling of male vocal tract", 69-74.

Infant Cry and Its Relation to Neurological Disfunction

Bolfan-Stošiċ, Natalija / Farago, Emica: "Acoustic features of voice of children with motoric disorders", 79-83.

Escobedo Beceiro, Daniel I. / Cano Ortiz, Sergio D. / Coello Frometa, Eddy / Regüeiferos Prego, Luis / Capdevila Bravo, Leonardo: "Rising shift of pitch frequency in the infant cry of some pathologic cases", 84-90.

Escobedo Beceiro, Daniel I. / Cano Ortiz, Sergio D. / Ruiz Miyares, Francisco J.: "Some acoustical features of the cry and speech signals in infants with epilepsy", 91-98.

Voice Quality in Relation to Physical and Neurological Disfunctions

Ozdas, Asli / Shiavi, Richard G. / Wilkes, D. Mitchell / Silverman, Marilyn K. / Silverman, Stephen E.: "Analysis of vocal tract characteristics for near-term suicidal risk assessment", 99-102.

Jürgens, Uwe: "The squirrel monkey as a model in the study of the central control of vocalization", 103-107.

Wainschenker, Rubén / Doorn, Jorge / Castro, Marcela: "Towards a systematic quantification of the speech speed", 108-112.

Kuwabara, Hisao: "A relation between voice quality and acoustic features", 113-116.

Drioli, Carlo / Avanzini, Federico: "A physically-informed model of the glottis with application to voice quality assessment", 117-122.

Voice Parameters Measurement

Tadeusiewicz, Ryszard / Wszolek, Wieslaw / Izworski, Andrzej / Wszolek, Tadeusz: "Understanding of vocal tract pathology using speech signals analysis", 125-133.

Parraga, Adriane / Zaro, Milton A. / Schuck Jr, Adalberto: "Quantitative assessment of the use of continuous wavelet transform in the analysis of the fundamental frequency disturb of the synthetic voice", 134-137.

Kob, Malte / Neuschaefer-Rube, Christiane: "A method for measurement of the vocal tract mouth impedance", 138-143.

Speech Denoising, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation

Morris, Robert W. / Clements, Mark A.: "Reconstruction of speech from whispers", 144-149.

Wszolek, Wieslaw / Modrzejewski, Maciej / Tadeusiewicz, Ryszard / Wszolek, Tadeusz: "Quality of voice signal after ENT surgery", 150-155.

Matassini, Lorenzo / Manfredi, Claudia: "Noise reduction for vocal pathologies", 156-162.

Savariaux, Christophe / Perrier, Pascal / Pape, Daniel / Lebeau, Jacques: "Speech production after glossectomy and reconstructive lingual surgery: a longitudinal study", 163-168.

Poster Session

Benahmed Daho, Z. / Benamrane, N. / Freville, A.: "Medical images compression by neural networks", 169-175.

Benamrane, N. / Abderahim, R. / Nemmiche, L.: "Medical image interpretation by fuzzy neural networks and expert system", 176-180.

Bolfan-Stošiċ, Natalija / Hedjever, Mladen: "Degree of sub-harmonic components in infant cries and in Down Syndrome children and children with dysphonia", 181-187.

Faenza, L. / Sciolla, G. / Colli, M. / Sacchi, A.: "Study of EEG signals to build a man-computer interface", 188-192.

Hoppe, Ulrich / Döllinger, Michael / Schuberth, Stefan / Rosanowski, Frank / Eysholdt, Ulrich: "Clinical significance of the two-mass-model", 193-194.

Krot, Alexander M.: "Analysis of attractors of complex dynamical systems based on matrix decomposition", 195-200.

Krot, Alexander M. / Minervina, Helena B.: "Estimation of minimal chaotic attractor embedding dimension on the basis of matrix decomposition for biomedical signal processing", 201-206.

Kudryavtsev, Vadim O.: "Filter bank realizations of Volterra kernels", 207-210.

Manfredi, Claudia / D'Aniello, Massimo / Bruscaglioni, Piero: "Comparison between AR and SVD approaches for speech denoising", 211-216.

Somkuwar, Ajay / Guha, Sujoy K. / Atreya, Sudhir: "Independent component analysis of electromyographic signal", 217-221.

Hirtum, Annemie van / Berckmans, Daniel: "Assessing the sound of cough towards vocality", 222-227.

Voice Analysis and Classification with AI, NN, Fuzzy Logic Techniques

Ritchings, R. T. / McGillion, M. / Moore, Christopher J.: "Pathological voice quality assesment using artificial neural networks", 230-234.

Hirtum, Annemie van / Berckmans, Daniel: "Automated recognition of spontaneous versus voluntary cough", 235-240.

Jo, Cheolwoo / Kim, Kwangin / Kim, Daehyun / Wang, Soogeon: "Screening of pathological voice from ARS using neural networks", 241-245.

Nonlinear Models for Voice Analysis

Krot, Alexander M. / Tkachova, Polina P.: "Fast algorithms for Wiener kernels computing in speech phoneme recognition", 246-253.

Lucero, Jorge C.: "Principal differential analysis of lip motion signals", 254-259.

Funaki, Keiichi: "A time-varying complex ARMA speech modeling based on IV method", 260-263.