Third International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2003)

Florence, Italy
December 10-12, 2003

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[MAVEBA-2003] Third International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2003), Florence, Italy, December 10-12, 2003; ed. by C. Manfredi; Firenze University Press (FUP), Florence, Italy, 2003, ISBN 88-8453-155-1 (print), 88-8453-154-3 (online); ISCA Archive,

Copyright of this volume is with Firenze University Press. ISCA gratefully acknowledges the publisher's permission to include this workshop in the ISCA Archive.

Introduction to the Workshop

Author Index and Quick Access to Abstracts

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Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Plenary Lecture

Fujimura, Osamu: "A generalized concept of prosody", 121-135.

Voice Disorders

Rosenfeld, E. P. / Massaro, Dominic W. / Bernstein, J.: "Automatic analysis of vocal manifestations of apparent mood or affect", 5-8.

Fell, H. J. / MacAuslan, Joel: "Automatic detection of stress in speech", 9-12.

Ozdas, Asli / Omar, Hasmila / Shiavi, Richard G. / Silverman, Stephen E. / Silverman, Marilyn K. / Wilkes, D. Mitchell: "Investigation of glottal flow spectral slope as possible cue for depression and near-term suicidal risk", 13-16.


Lohscheller, Jörg / Döllinger, Michael / Schwarz, R. / Eysholdt, Ulrich / Hoppe, U.: "Modelling of the laryngectomee substitute voice", 19-22.

Murakami, Koji / Araki, Kenji / Hiroshige, Makoto / Tochinai, Koji: "A study of a direct speech transform method on laryngectomee speech", 23-26.

Misun, V.: "External excitation of the vocal tract after laryngectomy", 27-30.

Infant Cry Analysis (Special Session)

Mende, Werner / Wermke, Kathleen: "Time variations of the fundamental frequency (melody) and resonance frequencies in infant's crying – key parameters for pre-speech development", 33-34.

Manfredi, Claudia / Mende, Werner / Bruscaglioni, Piero / Wermke, Kathleen: "Resonance development and formant tuning phenomena in infant's crying", 35-38.

Fell, H. J. / MacAuslan, Joel / Cress, C. J. / Ferrier, L. J.: "Using early vocalization analysis for visual feedback", 39-42.

Sisto, R. / Bellieni, C. V. / Cordelli, D. M. / Buonocore, G.: "Cry features as a measure of pain intensity in newborns", 43-46.

Bolfan-Stosic, Natalija / Yliherva, Anneli / Welch, Graham F.: "Vocal identity - differences and similarities between children from Croatia and Finland", 47-50.

Nicollas, R. / Ouaknine, M. / Giovanni, A. / Berger, J. / To, J. P. / Dumoulin, D. / Triglia, J. M.: "Physiology of vocal production in the newborn", 51-54.

Noise Estimation/Denoising

Helaoui, L. / Jebara, S. Ben / Benazza-Benyahia, A.: "A two-channel speech denoising method combining wavepackets and frequency coherence", 57-60.

Jafer, E. / Mahdi, A. E.: "Wavelet-based noise estimation techniques for speech enhancement", 61-64.

Lima, C. S. / Oliveira, J. F.: "HMM modelling of additive noise in the western languages context", 65-68.

Iadanza, Ernesto / Dori, F. / Manfredi, Claudia / Dubini, S.: "Hoarse voice denoising for real-time DSP implementation: continuous speech assessment", 69-72.

Krot, A. M. / Minervina, H. B. / Sarapas, V. V.: "An efficient method of speech signal reconstruction based on neural network and fast deconvolution algorithm", 73-75.

Poster Session

Funaki, Keiichi: "On packet loss concealment using time-varying speech analysis", 79-82.

Gittel, F. / Smith, T. D. / Schwarzbacher, A. Th. / Hilt, E.: "VLSI implementation of a LMS based adaptive noise canceller", 83-86.

Bostik, M. / Sigmund, M.: "Speaker stress detection by analysis of glottal excitation", 87-90.

Kleckova, Jana: "An investigation of the speech production", 91-93.

Petry, A. / Barone, D. A. C.: "Towards chaotic modeling of speech signals", 95-98.

Lima, C. S. / Silva, C. A. / Tavare, A. C. / Oliveira, J. F.: "Blind source separation by independent component analysis applied to electroencephalographic signals", 99-102.

Lima, C. S. / Oliveira, J. F.: "Spectral bi-normalisation for speech recognition in additive noise", 103-106.

Krot, A. M. / Tkachova, P. P.: "Algorithm of phoneme identification using fast measurement of Wiener kernels of speech signals", 107-110.

Krot, A. M. / Minervina, H. B. / Tkachova, P. P.: "Distinguishing and recognition of pathological speech based on estimation of control parameter of chaotic attractor", 111-114.

Somkuwar, Ajay / Singh, R. P.: "Blind signal separation of vocal signals taken in noisy environment", 115-117.

Mechanical Models

Brown, C. H. / Alipour, F.: "Asymmetric and symmetric vocal fold oscillation in the excised squirrel monkey larynx", 139-142.

Horáček, Jaromír / Šidlof, P. / Švec, J. G.: "Numerical modelling of leakage-flow-induced vibrations of human vocal folds with Hertz impact forces", 143-146.

Thomson, Scott L. / Mongeau, L. / Frankel, S. H.: "Physical and numerical flow-excited vocal fold models", 147-150.

Drioli, Carlo / Avanzini, Federico: "Non-modal voice synthesis by low-dimensional physical models", 151-154.

Pathology Classification

Godino-Llorente, Juan Ignacio / Ritchings, Tim / Berry, Carl: "The effects of inter and intra speaker variability on pathological voice quality assessment", 157-160.

Amir, O. / Biron-Shental, T.: "Do oral contraceptives really have an adverse effect on voice quality?", 161-164.

Martínez, F. / Guillamón, A. / Martínez, J. J.: "A suggested metric for cepstral ARMA-based speech classification", 165-168.

Picovici, D. / Mahdi, A. E.: "Perceptually-based objective measure for non-intrusive speech quality assessment", 169-172.

Singing Voice (Special Session)

Bonada, J. / Loscos, A. / Mayor, O. / Kenmochi, H.: "Sample-based singing voice synthesizer using spectral models and source-filter decomposition", 175-178.

Howard, David M. / Welch, Graham F. / Brereton, Jude / Himonides, Evangelos: "Towards a novel real-time visual display for singing training", 179-182.

Mürbe, D. / Hofmann, G. / Pabst, F. / Sundberg, Johan: "Auditory and kinesthetic feedback in singing – significance and effects of training on pitch control", 183-186.

Kob, Malte / Neuschaefer-Rube, Christiane: "Acoustic analysis of overtone singing", 187-190.

Gabrielli, Chantal: "Lucretius, song and music: a historical approach", 191-193.


Bickley, Corine / Birnbaum, M. / MacAuslan, Joel: "An assessment of fluency enhancement techniques for a telephone device for stutterers", 197-200.

Belforte, G. / Carello, M. / Dileno, A. / Morero, M.: "Speaking valves: influence of the fatigue on the flow characteristics", 201-204.

Breen, D. / O'Neill, R. / Smith, T. D. / Schwarzbacher, A. Th.: "VLSI implementation of a TSM/FSM algorithm", 205-208.

Voice/Hearing Impairment

Klečková, Jana / Krutišová, Jana: "Some experiments in the Czech spontaneous speech recognition domain", 211-213.

Resch, Barbara / Kleijn, W. Bastiaan: "Time synchronization of speech", 215-218.

Kammoun, M. / Ouni, K. / Bouzid, Aicha / Ellouze, N.: "A classification methodology of hearing impaired pathologies based on DTW technique applied to vocal audiometry", 219-222.

Marotta, Alan M. / Fraga, Francisco J.: "Comparison of two frequency lowering algorithms for digital hearing aids", 223-226.

Numerical Models

Dedouch, K. / Horáček, Jaromír / Vampola, T. / Vokřál, J.: "Velopharyngeal insufficiency studied using finite-element models of male vocal tract with experimental verification", 229-232.

Niu, Xiaochuan / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "A formant-trajectory model and its usage in comparing coarticulatory effects in dysarthric and normal speech", 233-236.

O'Leidhin, Eoin / Murphy, Peter: "Preliminary glottal source modeling for pathologic voices", 237-240.

Prikryl, K.: "Modelling the creation of Czech vowels by means of the vocal folds model and the models of vocal tracts", 241-244.

Pathology Detection

Li, Tao / Bak, Il-suh / Jo, Cheolwoo: "The effect of normalization on parameters in discrimination of pathological voice using artificial neural network", 247-250.

Hirtum, A. Van / Guarino, Marcella / Costa, A. / Jans, P. / Ghesquiere, K. / Aerts, J.-M. / Navarotto, P. L. / Berckmans, Daniel: "Automatic detection of chronic pig coughing from continuous registration in field situations", 251-254.

Moore, C. J. / Manickam, Kathiresan / Shalet, S. / Willard, T. / Jones, S.: "Spectral entropy signature of speech perturbation in adult acquired growth hormone deficiency", 255-258.

Maguire, C. / Chazal, P. de / Reilly, R. B. / Lacy, P. D.: "Identification of voice pathology using automated speech analysis", 259-262.

Voice Analysis

Hirvonen, T. / Laine, Unto K.: "Comparison of objective and subjective classification of unvoiced stop consonants in stop-vowel syllables", 265-268.

Szaleniec, Joanna / Modrzejewski, Maciej / Wszolek, Wieslaw: "Application of acoustic analysis of speech signal for evaluation of intubation-related damages of the speech organ", 269-272.

Kuwabara, Hisao: "Analysis and evaluation of nasalized [g] consonant in continuous Japanese", 273-276.

Drepper, F. R.: "Topologically equivalent reconstruction of instationary, voiced speech", 277-280.

Hagmüller, Martin / Kubin, Gernot: "Poincaré sections for pitch mark determination in dysphonic speech", 281-284.