Symposium on Machine Learning in Speech and Language Processing (MLSLP)

Bellevue, WA, USA
June 27, 2011

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[MLSLP-2011] Symposium on Machine Learning in Speech and Language Processing (MLSLP), Bellevue, WA, USA. June 27, 2011; ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Badiezadegan   Bengio   Bilmes   Chang   Chen, David   Chen, Stanley   Cheng   Chien   Christensen   Chu   Clarke   Dasgupta   DeNero   Dreyer   Eisner   Emami   Frederking   Gershman   Goldwasser   Guillory   Hasegawa-Johnson   Hermansky   Hovy   Huang   Lin, Bo   Lin, Hui   Lonsdale   Mangu   McAllester   Mesgarani   Mooney   Moore   Ramabhadran   Ratinov   Rosa   Rose   Roth   Saon   Sarikaya   Saul   Sethy   Sha   Shah   Srikumar   Steedman   Sun   Thomas   Van hamme   Zhuang  

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Speakers (Abstracts and presentations only, no full papers)

Dasgupta, Sanjoy: "Recent advances in active learning".

Saul, Lawrence / Cheng, Chih-Chieh / Sha, Fei: "Online learning of large margin hidden Markov models for automatic speech recognition".

Hovy, Eduard: "On the role of machine learning in NLP".

Saon, George / Chien, Jen-Tzung: "Bayesian sensing hidden Markov models for speech recognition".

Eisner, Jason / Dreyer, Markus: "A non-parametric Bayesian approach to inflectional morphology" (abstract only).

Hasegawa-Johnson, Mark / Huang, Jui-Ting / Zhuang, Xiaodan: "Unlabeled data and other marginals".

Chang, Ming-Wei / Clarke, James / Goldwasser, Dan / Ratinov, Lev / Srikumar, Vivek / Roth, Dan: "Structured prediction with indirect supervision".

Bilmes, Jeff / Lin, Hui / Guillory, Andrew: "Applications of submodular functions in speech and NLP".

McAllester, David: "Generalization bounds and consistency for latent-structural probit and ramp loss".

Steedman, Mark: "Some open problems in machine learning for NLP" (abstract only).

Chen, Stanley / Chu, Stephen / Emami, Ahmad / Mangu, Lidia / Ramabhadran, Bhuvana / Sarikaya, Ruhi / Sethy, Abhinav: "Performance prediction and shrinking language models".

Bengio, Yoshua: "On learning distributed representations of semantics" (abstract only).

Poster Session (Full papers)

Moore, Robert / DeNero, John: "L1 and L2 regularization for multiclass hinge loss models", 1-5.

Badiezadegan, Shirin / Rose, Richard: "A comparison of performance monitoring approaches to fusing spectrogram channels in speech recognition", 6-10.

Sun, Meng / Van hamme, Hugo: "A two-layer non-negative matrix factorization model for vocabulary discovery", 11-15.

Lonsdale, Deryle / Christensen, Carl: "Automating the scoring of elicited imitation tests", 16-20.

Shah, Rushin / Lin, Bo / Rosa, Kevin Dela / Gershman, Anatole / Frederking, Robert: "Improving cross-document co-reference with semi-supervised information extraction modelsi", 21-25.

Chen, David / Mooney, Raymond: "Panning for gold: finding relevant semantic content for grounded language learning", 26-30.

Hermansky, Hynek / Mesgarani, Nima / Thomas, Samuel: "Performance monitoring for robustness in automatic recognition of speechi", 31-34.