ISCA Workshop on
Statistical And Perceptual Audition

Makuhari, Japan
September 25, 2010

Bibliographic Reference

[SAPA-2010] ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Statistical And Perceptual Audition (SAPA-2010), Makuhari, Japan, September 25, 2010; ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Baker   Barker   Benetos   Cash   Chan   Christensen   Dixon   Green   Halgren   Han   Heckmann   Herrera   Holonowicz   Hori   Kameoka   Kitano   Ma   Marinkovic   Miyabe   Nishimoto   Ohishi   Ono   Raczynski   Raphael   Roux   Sagayama   Togami   Wu  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Features and Representation

Heckmann, Martin: "Supervised vs. unsupervised learning of spectro temporal speech features", 1-6.

Wu, Jun / Kitano, Yu / Raczynski, Stanislaw Andrzej / Miyabe, Shigeki / , Takuya Nishimoto, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama / Nishimoto, Takuya / Ono, Nobutaka / Sagayama, Shigeki: "Musical instrument identification based on harmonic temporal timbre features", 7-12.

Benetos, Emmanouil / Dixon, Simon: "Multiple-F0 estimation of piano sounds exploiting spectral structure and temporal evolution", 13-18.

Source Separation

Ma, Ning / Barker, Jon / Christensen, Heidi / Green, Phil: "Distant microphone speech recognition in a noisy indoor environment: combining soft missing data and speech fragment decoding", 19-24.

Togami, Masahito / Hori, Koichi: "Online speech source separation in meeting scene with time-varying weights of noise covariance matrices", 25-30.

Han, Yushen / Raphael, Christopher: "Informed source separation of orchestra and soloist using masking and unmasking", 31-36.

Statistics and Learning

Holonowicz, Piotr / Herrera, Perfecto: "Detection of polyphonic music note onsets by application of the Bayesian theory of surprise", 37-42.

Kameoka, Hirokazu / Roux, Jonathan Le / Ohishi, Yasunori: "A statistical model of speech F0 contours", 43-48.

Baker, Janet M. / Chan, Alex M. / Marinkovic, Ksenija / Halgren, Eric / Cash, Sydney: "Machine learning for learning how the brain recognizes speech and language", 49-54.