ISCA International Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE 2009)

Wroxall Abbey Estate, Warwickshire, England
September 3-5, 2009

Implementation of an Extended Recognition Network for Mispronunciation Detection and Diagnosis in Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training

Alissa M. Harrison, Wai-Kit Lo, Xiao-Jun Qian, Helen Meng

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

This paper presents recent extensions to our ongoing effort in developing speech recognition for automatic mispronunciation detection and diagnosis in the interlanguage of Chinese learners of English. We have developed a set of context-sensitive phonological rules based on cross-language (Cantonese versus English) analysis which has also been validated against common mispronunciations observed from the learners interlanguage. These rules are represented as finite state transducers which can generate an extended recognition network (ERN) based on arbitrary canonical pronunciations. The ERN includes not only standard English pronunciations but also common mispronunciations of learners. Recognition with the ERN enables the speech recognizer to phonetically transcribe the learner’s input speech. This transcription can be compared with the canonical pronunciations to identify the location(s) and type(s) of phonetic differences, thus facilitating mispronunciation detection and diagnoses. We have developed a prototype implementation known as the CHELSEA system and have validated the approach based on a new, annotated test set of 600 utterances recorded from 100 Cantonese learners of English. The approach achieves a false rejection rate (i.e. system identifies a phone as incorrect when it is actually correctly pronounced) of 13.6%; as well as a false acceptance rate (i.e. system identifies a phone as correct when it is actually mispronounced) of 44.7%. Among the detected errors, the system can correctly diagnose 54.8% of the mispronunciations.

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Bibliographic reference.  Harrison, Alissa M. / Lo, Wai-Kit / Qian, Xiao-Jun / Meng, Helen (2009): "Implementation of an extended recognition network for mispronunciation detection and diagnosis in computer-assisted pronunciation training", In SLaTE-2009, 45-48.