ISCA International Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE 2009)

Wroxall Abbey Estate, Warwickshire, England
September 3-5, 2009

Developing a CALL System for Practicing Oral Proficiency: How to Design for Speech Technology, Pedagogy and Learners

Helmer Strik (1), Frederik Cornillieb, Jozef Colpaert (2), Joost van Doremalen (1), Catia Cucchiarini (1)

(1) Department of Linguistics, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(2) Linguapolis - Institute for Language and Communication, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Automatic recognition of non-native speech is problematic. A key challenge in developing spoken CALL systems is to design exercises that enable learning but which are still technically feasible. This especially applies to systems intended for practicing grammar. In the current paper we focus on the issue of matching design and speech technology. On the one hand we are developing and testing speech technology modules to determine what is feasible. On the other we use this knowledge in designing a CALL system for practicing pronunciation and grammar.

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Bibliographic reference.  Strik, Helmer / Cornillieb, Frederik / Colpaert, Jozef / Doremalen, Joost van / Cucchiarini, Catia (2009): "Developing a CALL system for practicing oral proficiency: how to design for speech technology, pedagogy and learners", In SLaTE-2009, 73-76.