SLaTE 2015 - Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education

Leipzig, Germany
September 4-5, 2015

Implementation and Test of a Serious Game Based on Minimal Pairs for Pronunciation Training

David Escudero Mancebo (1), Enrique Cámara Arenas (2), Cristian Tejedor García (1), César González Ferreras (1), Valentín Cardeñoso Payo (1)

(1) Department of Computer Science; (2) Department of English Philology
Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

This paper introduces the architecture and interface of a serious game intended for pronunciation training and assessment for Spanish students of English as second language. Users will confront a challenge consisting in the pronunciation of a minimal-pair word battery. Android ASR and TTS tools will prove useful in discerning three different pronunciation proficiency levels, ranging from basic to native. Results also provide evidence of the weaknesses and limitations of present-day technologies. These must be taken into account when defining game dynamics for pedagogical purposes.

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Bibliographic reference.  Escudero Mancebo, David / Cámara Arenas, Enrique / Tejedor García, Cristian / González Ferreras, César / Cardeñoso Payo, Valentín (2015): "Implementation and test of a serious game based on minimal pairs for pronunciation training", In SLaTE-2015, 125-130.