TAL 2012
The Third International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages
Tonal Aspects Across Tone and Non-Tone Languages

Nanjing, China
May 26-29, 2012

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[TAL-2012] TAL 2012 - The third international symposium on tonal aspects of languages, Nanjing, China, May 26.29, 2012; ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/tal_2012

Introduction to the Workshop

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Author Index and Quick Access to Abstracts

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Aubergé   Caelen-Haumont   Cai, Lianhong   Cao, Jianfen   Cao, Wen   Che, Hao   Chen, Ao   Chen, Hong   Chen, Jenn-Yeu   Chen, Lin   Chen, Qiuyue   Chen, Train-Min   Chen, Yiya   Chen, Zhongmin   Cun, Xi   Dai, You-Yu   Dang, Jianwu   Ding, Hongwei   Esposito   Fang, Qiang   Feng, Junlong   FUJISAKI   Fung, Roxana   Gong, Tao   Gu, Feng   Gu, Wentao   Guo, Yanmeng   Gussenhoven   He, Kang   Higashi   Hirst   House   Hu, Na   Huang, Lina   Jeong, Dayoung   Ji, Xiaoli   Jia, Jia   Jia, Yuan (O3-03)   Jia, Yuan (P1-06)   Jia, Yuan (P1-07)   Jia, Yuan (P2-13)   Jiang, Hong   Jin, Jian   Joanisse   Kager, René (O2-04)   Kager, René (O2-05)   Kager, René (O4-02)   Karlsson   KOHLER   Kong, Jiangping   Kuang, Jianjing   Kung, Carmen   Law, Sam-Po   Lee, Alice   Li, Aijun (O3-03)   Li, Aijun (P1-07)   Li, Bin   Li, Qian   Li, Shu   Li, Yinghao   Lin, Chihkai   Lin, Yen-Hwei   Lin, Yi-Jing   Liu, Bin   Liu, Jiang   Liu, Liquan   Liu, Lu   Liu, Xuefei   Liu, Ye   Lu, Yan   Ma, Guangqin   Malins   Meng, Yuanliang   Michaud (KN-6)   Michaud (T-01)   Mixdorff   Mohasi   Mok, Peggy (O1-04)   Mok, Peggy (O2-02)   Niebuhr   Niesler   Nkamigbo   OHALA   Ota, Yuko   Peng, Gang (O2-01)   Peng, Gang (O2-03)   Peng, Gang (S1-05)   Politzer-Ahles   Prom-on   Ran, Qibin   Rilliard   ROSE   Schellenberg   Shao, Pengfei (O5-02)   Shao, Pengfei (P1-07)   Shuai, Lan   Song, Jinpang   Su, I-Fan   Svantesson   Tao, Jianhua   Tseng, Chin-Chin (S2-03)   Tseng, Chin-Chin (S2-04)   van de Velde   Wakefield   Wang, Dazuo   Wang, Ting   WANG, William S.-Y. (KN-2)   Wang, William S.-Y. (O2-01)   Wang, Xiao-Dong   Wang, Xinchun   Wang, Yizhi   Wang, Yunjia   Wong, Cathy   Wu, Zhiyong   Xu, Bo Robert   Xu, Juan   Xu, Xiaoying   Xu, Yi   Yang, Bei   Yang, Chung-Hsien   Yang, Jin   Yang, Li-chiung   Yeh, Chia-Hsin   Yi, Li   Yin, Hui   Yoshimoto   Zerbian   Zhai, Honghua   Zhang, Caicai   Zhang, Jie (O4-01)   Zhang, Jie (O4-03)   Zhang, Jingwei   Zhang, Jinsong   Zhang, Peng   Zhang, Ting   Zhang, Yi   Zhang, Zhang   Zhao, Cunhua   Zhao, Lijun   Zhou, Liuxi   Zhou, Weijing   Zhu, Hong   Zhu, Xiaonong   Zuo, Donghui  

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Papers

Fujisaki, Hiroya: "Physiology, physics and mathematics of F0 contour generation with application to phonological representation of tone systems", paper KN-1.

Wang, William S.-Y.: "Adventures with tones", paper KN-2.

Kohler, Klaus J.: "Developing a framework of communicative functions for the study of speech prosody", paper KN-3.

Ohala, John J.: "Tone and the physiology of F0 variation", paper KN-4.

Rose, Philip: "Two sides of the same coin: between-speaker F0 differences in linguistic-tonetic description and forensic voice comparison", paper KN-5.

Michaud, Alexis: "The complex tones of East/Southeast Asian languages: current challenges for typology and modelling", paper KN-6.


Niebuhr, Oliver / Michaud, Alexis: "Speech data acquisition - the underestimated challenge", paper T-01.

Hirst, Daniel: "How can speech technology help linguists understand tone and intonation?", paper T-02.

Gu, Wentao: "Quantitative analysis and modeling of tonal and intonational variations on different layers", paper T-03.

Zhou, Liuxi: "The application of Chinese phonemics to the chanting of classical verse and prose", paper T-04.

Neural Mechanism (Special Session)

Malins, Jeffrey G. / Joanisse, Marc F.: "Towards a model of tonal processing during Mandarin spoken word recognition", paper S1-01.

Shuai, Lan / Gong, Tao: "Temporal relationship of top-down and bottom-up processing in tone perception", paper S1-02.

Gu, Feng / Wang, Xiao-Dong / He, Kang / Chen, Lin: "Preattentive auditory processing of pitch glide", paper S1-03.

Fung, Roxana / Kung, Carmen / Law, Sam-Po / Su, I-Fan / Wong, Cathy: "Near-merger in Hong Kong Cantonese tones: a behavioural and ERP study", paper S1-04.

Liu, Ye / Peng, Gang: "Electrophysiological evidence for an early categorical processing of tones", paper S1-05.

Phonetics and Phonology

Wang, Yunjia / Jeong, Dayoung / Feng, Junlong: "The effect of intonation on tone 2 and the register of tone 2 in Mandarin: a preliminary study", paper P1-01.

Mohasi, Lehlohonolo / Mixdorff, Hansjörg / Niesler, Thomas / Zerbian, Sabine: "Analysis of Sesotho tone using the Fujisaki model", paper P1-02.

Wakefield, John C.: "It’s not so bad: an English tone for ‘downplaying’", paper P1-03.

Yin, Hui: "A unified account of Mandarin tone 3 and tone 4 sandhi", paper P1-04.

Higashi, Takahiro: "Stability of tone 2 F0 contours across different syllable structures in Mandarin", paper P1-05.

Jia, Yuan / Ran, Qibin: "Internal differences of tones in Shandong dialect", paper P1-06.

Shao, Pengfei / Jia, Yuan / Li, Aijun: "Tonal patterns of Linyi dialects", paper P1-07.

Xu, Juan: "Neutral tone of Luoshan dialect", paper P1-08.

Lin, Chihkai: "Is there floating tone in Taiwan Southern Min?", paper P1-09.

Li, Bin / Guo, Yanmeng: "Mandarin tone contrast in whisper", paper P1-10.

Yang, Li-chiung / Esposito, Richard: "Tonal and prosodic variations in Mandarin: new evidence from spontaneous and read speech", paper P1-11.

Li, Yinghao / Kong, Jiangping: "An electropalatographic and acoustic study of the tonal effects on vowel production in standard Chinese: a pilot study", paper P1-12.

Cun, Xi: "Implosives and the inherent F0 perturbation in Chinese dialects", paper P1-13.

Nkamigbo, Linda Chinelo: "A phonetic analysis of Igbo tone", paper P1-14.

Caelen-Haumont, Geneviève: "Towards the tonal system of an unknown language from south-east asia: a deeper insight", paper P1-15.

Phonetic Analysis and Modeling

Prom-on, Santitham / Xu, Yi: "Pitch target representation of Thai tones", paper O1-01.

Liu, Jiang: "A production and perception study on tonal neutralization in Nanchang", paper O1-02.

Kuang, Jianjing: "Registers in tonal contrasts", paper O1-03.

Zuo, Donghui / Chen, Qiuyue / Mok, Peggy: "Does orthography affect L2 tone production and perception?", paper O1-04.

Zhu, Xiaonong / Yi, Li / Zhang, Ting: "Types of dipping tones", paper O1-05.


Zhang, Caicai / Peng, Gang / Wang, William S.-Y.: "Normalizing talker variation in the perception of Cantonese level tones: impact of speech and nonspeech contexts", paper O2-01.

Xu, Bo Robert / Mok, Peggy: "Intonation perception of low-pass filtered speech in Mandarin and Cantonese", paper O2-02.

Wang, Dazuo / Peng, Gang: "The effects of pitch range and duration on tone categorical perception", paper O2-03.

Liu, Liquan / Kager, René: "Non-tone monolingual and bilingual infants' tone perception under perceptual reorganization", paper O2-04.

Chen, Ao / Kager, René: "Domain specificity of lexical tone perception in early infancy: lexical tones versus musical tones", paper O2-05.

L2 Learning of Mandarin Tones (Special Session)

Chen, Jenn-Yeu / Chen, Train-Min / Dai, You-Yu: "Cognitive mechanisms and locus of tone sandhi during Chinese spoken word production", paper S2-01.

Zhu, Hong / Zhang, Peng / Yoshimoto, Kei: "The acquisition of Mandarin tones by Japanese learners", paper S2-02.

Tseng, Chin-Chin / Lee, Alice: "An online perceptual test of Mandarin Chinese tones by L2 learners of tonal vs. nontonal languages", paper S2-03.

Yang, Chung-Hsien / Tseng, Chin-Chin / Lin, Yi-Jing: "A Chinese tone learning platform based on advanced speech technologies", paper S2-04.

Tone and Intonation

Karlsson, Anastasia M. / Svantesson, Jan-Olof / House, David: "Adaptation of focus to lexical tone and phrasing in Kammu", paper O3-01.

Zhang, Zhang / Wu, Zhiyong / Jia, Jia / Cai, Lianhong: "Modeling prosody pattern of Chinese expressive speech and its application in personalized speech conversion", paper O3-02.

Li, Aijun / Fang, Qiang / Jia, Yuan / Dang, Jianwu: "Successive addition boundary tone in Chinese disgust intonation", paper O3-03.

Gussenhoven, Carlos: "Tone and intonation in Cantonese English", paper O3-04.

Cao, Jianfen: "Pitch prominence and tonal typology for low register tone in Mandarin", paper O3-05.

Tone Sandhi

Politzer-Ahles, Stephen / Zhang, Jie: "The role of tone sandhi in speech production: evidence for phonological parsing", paper O4-01.

Zhang, Jingwei / Velde, Hans Van de / Kager, René: "The correlation of tonal variation in citation and sandhi forms: a Wuxi case", paper O4-02.

Zhang, Jie / Meng, Yuanliang: "Structure-dependent tone sandhi in real and nonce words in Shanghai Wu", paper O4-03.

Song, Jinpang: "Level/oblique opposition and Raoyang tonology", paper O4-04.

Zhao, Cunhua / Zhai, Honghua: "Tone sandhi in Jiaonan dialect: an optimality theoretical account", paper O4-05.

Li, Qian / Chen, Yiya: "Trisyllabic tone sandhi in Tianjin Mandarin", paper O4-06.

Perception and L2 Learning

Yeh, Chia-Hsin / Lin, Yen-Hwei: "The effect of tone sandhi on speech perception of Taiwanese falling tones", paper P2-01.

Xu, Xiaoying / Liu, Xuefei / Tao, Jianhua / Che, Hao: "Pitch and phonation type perception in Wenzhou dialect tone", paper P2-02.

Yang, Bei: "How many types of neutral tones in Mandarin: a case study of perception", paper P2-03.

Lu, Yan / Aubergé, Véronique / Rilliard, Albert: "Tonal influences on the prosodic cross-linguistic perception of Mandarin - social affects by French and Vietnamese listeners", paper P2-04.

Li, Shu: "Perceptual boundary of Mandarin tone 3 and tone 4", paper P2-05.

Jin, Jian: "A perceptual study on rising and contour tone of Hunan Leiyang dialect", paper P2-06.

Wang, Xinchun: "Difficulties with Mandarin tones: learners’ perspectives and speech data analysis", paper P2-07.

Huang, Lina: "An analysis of the pitch contour of an English declarative question read aloud by Chinese EFL learners", paper P2-08.

Cao, Wen / Ota, Yuko / Jiang, Hong / Liu, Lu / Zhang, Jinsong: "Identification of Mandarin tone-2 and tone-3 in disyllabic contexts by Chinese natives and Japanese students", paper P2-09.

Zhao, Lijun: "Russian learners’ acquisition features of Chinese tones", paper P2-10.

Ma, Guangqin: "On the use of the attitudinal function of English intonation", paper P2-11.

Yang, Jin: "A study on the English stress placement of Chinese EFL learners", paper P2-12.

Hu, Na / Jia, Yuan / Liu, Bin: "Phonetic realization of narrow focus by beijing EFL learners", paper P2-13.

Other Tone-Related

Schellenberg, Murray: "Tone realization in sung Mandarin", paper O5-01.

Zhou, Weijing / Zhang, Yi / Chen, Hong / Ji, Xiaoli / Shao, Pengfei: "The acquisition of English tones by Mandarin EFL learners: a preliminary study", paper O5-02.

Chen, Zhongmin / Wang, Yizhi: "Roles of F0 and closure in the voiced-voiceless distinction for initial stops in Wu dialects — take Shanghainese for example", paper O5-03.

Wang, Ting / Ding, Hongwei: "Production and perception of nasal coda mergence in Hohhot dialect: from a prosodic point of view", paper O5-04.