Second Workshop on Child, Computer and Interaction (WOCCI 2009)

Cambridge, MA, USA
November 5, 2009

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[WOCCI-2009] Second Workshop on Child, Computer and Interaction (WOCCI 2009), Cambridge, MA, USA, November 5, 2009, ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Black   Bocklet (1)   Bocklet (23)   Bolaños   Borland   ten Bosch   Boves   Brooks   Cao   Chang, Jeannette   Chang, Jonathan   Cole (105)   COLE (121)   Delgado-Mata   Duhaut   Edwards   Geraghty   Gerosa   Gilkerson (97)   Gilkerson (107)   Gilkerson (117)   Giuliani   Gonzalez   Gray, Sharmishta   Gray, Sharmistha (97)   Gray, Sharmistha (107)   Hain   Hansen (97)   Hansen (107)   Hansen (117)   Harada   Hoffmann   Horndasch   Howard   Ibáñez-Martínez   Jokisch   Kannetis   Kasuriya   Kiriyama   Lleida   Maarouf   Maier (1)   Maier (23)   Maier (27)   Nakano   Narayanan (49)   Narayanan (61)   Narayanan (89)   Nöth (1)   Nöth (23)   Nöth (27)   Okumura   Patil   Peng   Petrick   Potamianos (37)   Potamianos (89)   Quek   Räsänen   Richards (97)   Richards (107)   Riedhammer   Robinson   Rodríguez   Ruuska   Saïd   Saz   Schuster   Tajitsu   Takebayashi   Tatsumi   Villaneau   Ward (105)   WARD (121)   Winterholler   Xu (97)   Xu (107)   Xu (117)   Yannakakis   Yapanel (97)   Yapanel (107)   Yildirim  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Paper

Ward, Wayne H. / Cole, Ronald A.: "Conversations with a virtual science tutor in multimedia learning environments", 121-122.

Contributed Papers

Bocklet, Tobias / Winterholler, Cordula / Maier, Andreas / Schuster, Maria / Nöth, Elmar: "An automatic screening test for preschool children: theory and data collection", 1-4.

Kasuriya, Sawit / Edwards, Alistair D. N.: "Pilot experiments on children’s voice recording", 5-9.

Ibáñez-Martínez, Jesús / Delgado-Mata, Carlos: "From competitive to social two-player videogames", 11-15.

Bosch, Louis ten / Boves, Lou / Räsänen, Okko: "Learning meaningful units from multimodal input – the effect of interaction strategies", 17-21.

Bocklet, Tobias / Maier, Andreas / Riedhammer, Korbinian / Nöth, Elmar: "Towards a language-independent intelligibility assessment of children with cleft lip and palate", 23-26.

Maier, Andreas / Horndasch, Stefanie / Nöth, Elmar: "Automatic classification of reading disorders in a single word reading test", 27-30.

Saz, Oscar / Lleida, Eduardo / Rodríguez, W.-Ricardo: "Avoiding speaker variability in pronunciation verification of children’ disordered speech", 31-35.

Kannetis, Theofanis / Potamianos, Alexandros / Yannakakis, Georgios N.: "Fantasy, curiosity and challenge as adaptation indicators in multimodal dialogue systems for preschoolers", 37-42.

Brooks, Douglas / Howard, Ayanna M.: "Upper limb rehabilitation and evaluation of children using a humanoid robot", 43-47.

Black, Matthew / Chang, Jeannette / Chang, Jonathan / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Comparison of child-human and child-computer interactions based on manual annotations", 49-54.

Maarouf, Ismaïl El / Villaneau, Jeanne / Saïd, Farida / Duhaut, Dominique: "Comparing child and adult language: exploring semantic constraints", 55-59.

Yildirim, Serdar / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Recognizing child’s emotional state in problem-solving child-machine interactions", 61-64.

Ruuska, Heikki / Kiriyama, Shinya / Takebayashi, Yoichi: "Child selection of learning methods: a corpus based on real-world data", 65-68.

Tatsumi, Takeo / Nakano, Yoshiaki / Tajitsu, Kiyoshi / Okumura, Haruhiko / Harada, Yasunari: "Incorporating music into the study of algorithms and computer programming", 69-76.

Gonzalez, Berto / Borland, John / Geraghty, Kathleen: "Whole body interaction for child-centered multimodal language learning", 77-81.

Robinson, Ashley / Peng, Chao / Quek, Francis / Cao, Yong: "Interacting with stories", 83-88.

Gerosa, Matteo / Giuliani, Diego / Narayanan, Shrikanth / Potamianos, Alexandros: "A review of ASR technologies for children’s speech", 89-96.

Xu, Dongxin / Richards, Jeffrey A. / Gilkerson, Jill / Yapanel, Umit / Gray, Sharmistha / Hansen, John H. L.: "Automatic childhood autism detection by vocalization decomposition with phone-like units", 97-103.

Bolaños, Daniel / Ward, Wayne H. / Cole, Ronald A.: "A reference verification framework and its application to a children’s speech reading tracker", 105-106.

Yapanel, Umit / Xu, Dongxin / Hansen, John H. L. / Gray, Sharmistha / Gilkerson, Jill / Richards, Jeffrey A.: "Preliminary study of stress/neutral detection on recordings of children in the natural home environment", 107-111.

Jokisch, Oliver / Hain, Horst-Udo / Petrick, Rico / Hoffmann, Rüdiger: "Robustness optimization of a speech interface for child-directed embedded language tutoring", 113-116.

Patil, Sanjay A. / Hansen, John H. L. / Gilkerson, Jill / Gray, Sharmishta / Xu, Dongxin: "Assessing the stress/neutral speech environment in adult/child interactions for applications in child language development", 117-120.