Third Workshop on Child, Computer and Interaction (WOCCI 2012)

Portland, OR, USA
September 14, 2012

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Introduction to the Workshop

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Al Moubayed   Amino   Arai   Athanasopoulos   Attabi   Balogh   Batliner   Berkling   Bernstein   Beskow   Blomberg   Bocklet   Bolaños   Bone   Cassell   Cerňak   Cole   Cosi   Cuay'ahuitl   Degenkolb-Weyers   Dumouchel   Enescu   Evanini   Eysholdt   Finkelstein   Fridenzon   Gilkerson   Golan   Gonzalez   Granström   Gupta   Gustafson   Hansen   Hassanali   Havelka   Huber   Igeta   Kantor   Kasuya   Kiefer   Kleindienst   Kruijff-Korbayová   Laitusis   Lee, Chi-Chun   Lee, Sungbok   Liu   Maier   Marchi   Morency   Morley   Narayanan   Nöth   Ogan   Paci   Prud'hommeaux (1)   Prud'hommeaux (68)   Richards   Rouhizadeh   Rozga   Sahli   Scherer   Schröder   Schuller   Skantze   Solorio   Sommavilla   Sonu   Tal   Tesser   Tomaru   TUCKER   Valentini-Botinhao   Verhelst   Walsh   Wang   Ward   Xu   Yasu   Yoshinaga-Itano   Zechner  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Paper

Tucker, Don M.: "Monitoring the neural mechanisms of learning", 108-109.

Regular Papers

Prud'hommeaux, Emily / Rouhizadeh, Masoud: "Automatic detection of pragmatic deficits in children with autism", 1-6.

Hassanali, Khairun-nisa / Liu, Yang / Solorio, Thamar: "Coherence in child language narratives: a case study of annotation and automatic prediction of coherence", 7-12.

Valentini-Botinhao, Cassia / Degenkolb-Weyers, Sabine / Maier, Andreas / Nöth, Elmar / Eysholdt, Ulrich / Bocklet, Tobias: "Automatic detection of sigmatism in children", 13-16.

Marchi, Erik / Schuller, Björn / Batliner, Anton / Fridenzon, Shimrit / Tal, Shahar / Golan, Ofer: "Emotion in the speech of children with autism spectrum conditions: prosody and everything else", 17-24.

Gupta, Rahul / Lee, Chi-Chun / Bone, Daniel / Rozga, Agata / Lee, Sungbok / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Acoustical analysis of engagement behavior in children", 25-31.

Kruijff-Korbayová, Ivana / Cuay'ahuitl, Heriberto / Kiefer, Bernd / Schröder, Marc / Cosi, Piero / Paci, Giulio / Sommavilla, Giacomo / Tesser, Fabio / Sahli, Hichem / Athanasopoulos, Georgios / Wang, Weiyi / Enescu, Valentin / Verhelst, Werner: "Spoken language processing in a conversational system for child-robot interaction", 32-39.

Bolaños, Daniel / Walsh, Patricia Elhazaz / Ward, Wayne H. / Cole, Ronald A.: "Automatic assessment of oral reading fluency for Spanish speaking ELs", 40-44.

Zechner, Klaus / Evanini, Keelan / Laitusis, Cara: "Using automatic speech recognition to assess the reading proficiency of a diverse sample of middle school students", 45-52.

Kantor, Arthur / Cerňak, Miloš / Havelka, Jiří / Huber, Sean / Kleindienst, Jan / Gonzalez, Doris B.: "Reading companion: the technical and social design of an automated reading tutor", 53-59.

Finkelstein, Samantha / Scherer, Stefan / Ogan, Amy / Morency, Louis-Philippe / Cassell, Justine: "Investigating the influence of virtual peers as dialect models on students' prosodic inventory", 60-67.

Morley, Eric / Prud'hommeaux, Emily: "Using constituency and dependency parse features to identify errorful words in disordered language", 68-73.

Xu, Dongxin / Gilkerson, Jill / Richards, Jeffrey A. / Hansen, John H. L. / Yoshinaga-Itano, Christine: "Identifying impact factors of language development in young children's natural home environment", 74-81.

Attabi, Yazid / Dumouchel, Pierre: "Emotion recognition from children's speech using anchor models", 82-86.

Blomberg, Mats / Skantze, Gabriel / Al Moubayed, Samer / Gustafson, Joakim / Beskow, Jonas / Granström, Björn: "Children and adults in dialogue with the robot head Furhat - corpus collection and initial analysis", 87-91.

Balogh, Jennifer E. / Bernstein, Jared C.: "Improving oral reading fluency assessment using automatic speech processing technologies", 92-96.

Berkling, Kay: "A case study using data exploration of spelling errors towards designing automated interactive diagnostics", 97-103.

Arai, Takayuki / Amino, Kanae / Sonu, Mee / Yasu, Keiichi / Igeta, Takako / Tomaru, Kanako / Kasuya, Marino: "Hands-on speech science exhibition for children at a science museum", 104-107.