Fourth Workshop on Child, Computer and Interaction (WOCCI 2014)

September 19, 2014

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[WOCCI-2014] Fourth Workshop on Child, Computer and Interaction (WOCCI 2014), Singapore, September 19, 2014, ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

Author Index and Quick Access to Abstracts

Abad   Athanasopoulos   Battistini   Baur (63)   Baur (71)   Berkling   Bodenstab   Bořil   Cañamero   Candeias   Cho   Cosi   Czap   Dias   Enescu   Evanini   Gilkerson   Gray   Hämäläinen   Hanani   Hansen   Hiolle   Ilu   Jančovič   Jiang   Kiss   Lee   Lewis   Lu   Luce   Maergner   Malekzadeh   Mao   Meinedo   Mustafa   Najafian   Narayanan   Nicolao   Paci   Patsis   Pellegrini   Pflaumer   Pinto   Potamianos   Rayner (63)   Rayner (71)   Richards   Russell   Safavi   Sahli   Salim   Shivakumar   So   Sommavilla   Sztahó   Tao   Tesser   Tjalve   Trancoso   Tsourakis (63)   Tsourakis (71)   Verhelst   Vicsi   Wang, Weiyi   Wang, Xinhao   Willett   Xiao   Xu, Dongxin   Xu, Xiaojuan   Yilmazyildiz   Zapata-Rivera   Zhang, Qian   Zhang, Yiwen   Ziaei  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Papers

Yiyu, Cai: "Design and development of a virtual dolphinarium for children with autism" (no information available)

Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua: "Children outsmart machines? Design considerations for child computer interaction" (no information available)

ASR and Verification

Cosi, Piero / Nicolao, Mauro / Paci, Giulio / Sommavilla, Giacomo / Tesser, Fabio: "Comparing open source ASR toolkits on Italian children speech", 1-6.

Hämäläinen, Annika / Candeias, Sara / Cho, Hyongsil / Meinedo, Hugo / Abad, Alberto / Pellegrini, Thomas / Tjalve, Michael / Trancoso, Isabel / Dias, Miguel Sales: "Correlating ASR errors with developmental changes in speech production: a study of 3-10-year-old European Portuguese children’s speech", 7-13.

Shivakumar, Prashanth Gurunath / Potamianos, Alexandros / Lee, Sungbok / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Improving speech recognition for children using acoustic adaptation and pronunciation modeling", 15-19.

Gray, Sharmistha S. / Willett, Daniel / Lu, Jianhua / Pinto, Joel / Maergner, Paul / Bodenstab, Nathan: "Child automatic speech recognition for US English: child interaction with living-room-electronic-devices", 21-26.

Safavi, Saeid / Najafian, Maryam / Hanani, Abualsoud / Russell, Martin / Jančovič, Peter: "Comparison of speaker verification performance for adult and child speech", 27-31.

Poster and Demo Session

Berkling, Kay / Pflaumer, Nadine: "Phontasia - a phonics trainer for German spelling in primary education", 33-38.

Bořil, Hynek / Zhang, Qian / Ziaei, Ali / Hansen, John H. L. / Xu, Dongxin / Gilkerson, Jill / Richards, Jeffrey A. / Zhang, Yiwen / Xu, Xiaojuan / Mao, Hongmei / Xiao, Lei / Jiang, Fan: "Automatic assessment of language background in toddlers through phonotactic and pitch pattern modeling of short vocalizations", 39-43.

Sztahó, Dávid / Kiss, Gábor / Czap, László / Vicsi, Klára: "A computer-assisted prosody pronunciation teaching system", 45-49.

Wang, Weiyi / Athanasopoulos, Georgios / Yilmazyildiz, Selma / Patsis, Georgios / Enescu, Valentin / Sahli, Hichem / Verhelst, Werner / Hiolle, Antoine / Lewis, Matthew / Cañamero, Lola: "Natural emotion elicitation for emotion modeling in child-robot interactions", 51-56.


Ilu, Saratu Yusuf / Mustafa, Mumtaz B. / Salim, Siti Salwah / Malekzadeh, Mehdi: "Age-based factors in the interface design of CAPT systems for children", 57-61.

Rayner, Manny / Baur, Claudia / Tsourakis, Nikos: "CALL-SLT lite: a minimal framework for building interactive speech-enabled CALL applications", 63-69.

Tsourakis, Nikos / Rayner, Manny / Baur, Claudia: "Formative feedback in an interactive spoken CALL system", 71-77.

Evanini, Keelan / So, Youngsoon / Tao, Jidong / Zapata-Rivera, Diego / Luce, Christine / Battistini, Laura / Wang, Xinhao: "Performance of a trialogue-based prototype system for English language assessment for young learners", 79-84.