ISCA Diversity

ISCA is committed to supporting diversity in speech communication, and celebrating speech communication as an exciting and diverse field of research and discovery. 

  • Diversity@ISCA - document describing the ISCA Diversity Goals
  • WomenNspeech - database of women working in speech communication and useful links to other resources for and about women in STEM.
  • Geographical Outreach - promoting science and technology for speech communication through international community development

The Diversity Committee consists of:

  • Odette Scharenborg (chair; ISCA Board)
  • John Hansen (ISCA Board)
  • Sebastian Möller (ISCA Board)
  • Nobuaki Minematsu (ISCA Board)
  • Mahadeva Prasanna (ISCA Board)
  • Julia Hirschberg (external member)
  • Dale Joachim (external member)
  • Heidi Christensen (external member)
  • Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (external member)
  • Sébastien Le Maguer (external member)

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