Fellows 2021

Prof. Mary Beckman (USA)

For contributions to phonology, including the phonology of intonation and language acquisition.



Prof. Jean-François Bonastre (France)

For leadership in the field of speaker recognition and sustained contributions to ISCA.

Prof. Maxine Eskenazi  (USA)

For contributions to phonetics, language learning, spoken dialog systems,language resources and for pioneering service to the community.

Prof. Eric Fosler-Lussier (USA)

For fundamental contributions to research and leadership in the fields of speech recognition and spoken language processing.

Prof. Karen Livescu (USA)

For contributions to articulatory modeling, to speech representation learning, and to bridging the gaps between speech research, machine learning and natural language processing.

Dr. Yang Liu (USA)

For contributions to speech recognition and understanding, prosody modeling, summarization, sentiment analysis and social media research.

Prof. DeLiang Wang (USA)

For seminal work in the area of speech separation and speech segregation.


Dr. Dong Yu (USA)

For research and development in deep learning-based automatic speech recognition.