Fellows 2021

Prof. Mary Beckman (USA)

For contributions to phonology, including the phonology of intonation and language acquisition.



Prof. Jean-François Bonastre (France)

For leadership in the field of speaker recognition and sustained contributions to ISCA.

Prof. Maxine Eskenazi  (USA)

For contributions to phonetics, language learning, spoken dialog systems,language resources and for pioneering service to the community.

Prof. Eric Fosler-Lussier (USA)

For fundamental contributions to research and leadership in the fields of speech recognition and spoken language processing.

Prof. Karen Livescu (USA)

For contributions to articulatory modeling, to speech representation learning, and to bridging the gaps between speech research, machine learning and natural language processing.

Dr. Yang Liu (USA)

For contributions to speech recognition and understanding, prosody modeling, summarization, sentiment analysis and social media research.

Prof. DeLiang Wang (USA)

For seminal work in the area of speech separation and speech segregation.


Dr. Dong Yu (USA)

For research and development in deep learning-based automatic speech recognition.




Fellows 2018

For contributions to auditory-visual speech perception and to infant speech perception development.


Simon KING
For contributions to text-to-speech synthesis and the use of speech production knowledge in speech technology.
For contributions to speech acoustic modelling, speech signal processing, and applications to knowledge-driven speech recognition and speech enhancement.
Haizhou LI
For contributions to multilingual speech information processing.
Keikichi HIROSE
For contributions to research and leadership in the field of speech prosody.
For contributions to a wide range of speech and language technologies, with emphasis on search strategies and probabilistic modelling.


Fellows 2019

Martine Adda Decker
For contributions to multilingual speech processing and large-scale, corpus-based linguistics, and  for bridging communities.



Jennifer Cole
For theoretical and experimental descriptions of the sources of phonological and prosodic variability in spontaneous speech.
Mark Gales
For wide ranging, fundamental contributions to research and leadership in the fields of speech recognition, synthesis and statistical modelling algorithms.
Valerie Hazan
For contributions to speech perception and production.
Douglas O'Shaughnessy
For contributions to automatic speech recognition and leadership in the speech community.
Yannis Stylianou
For contributions to speech analysis, speech modification and speech communication. 
Christian Wellekens
For pioneering contributions in the use of neural networks in automatic speech recognition and education activity in speech science.


11th Christian Benoît Award


The Christian Benoît Award is given biannually to a promising young scientist in the domain of SPEECH COMMUNICATION to further their career in the field. The focus of the award's research topic may emphasise basic science or applied research projects.

The Award provides the elected scientist with financial support for the development of a personal short-term research project that:

  1. illustrates concretely the achievements of her/his research work;
  2. could help promoting this work in the scientific community, institutions and grant agencies in their geographical region/country;
  3. gives an overall view of the state of the art in the research domain.

The award is valued at 7,500 Euros and conferred by the International Speech Communication Association and the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée.

The jury for the Award are the following:

  1. Gérard Bailly, chair
  2. Torbjørn Karl Svendsen, chair of ISCA Awards
  3. Phil Green, ISCA representative
  4. Hema Murthy, ISCA representative
  5. Véronique Delvaux, AFCP representative
  6. Martine Adda-Decker, AFCP representative
  7. Sankar Mukherjee, winner of the 10th Christian Benoît award
  8. Marcin Włodarczak, winner of the 9th Christian Benoît award
  9. Mathilde Fort, winner of the 8th Christian Benoît award

Information about the award and applications can be found here.


Fellows 2020

Prof. Paavo Alku (Finland)

For contributions in voice source analysis and its applications




Prof. Catherine Best (Australia)

For contributions to non-native speech perception, bilingualism, and language acquisition.

Prof. Martin Cooke  (Spain)

 For contributions to speech perception modelling, robust speech recognition and objective intelligibility models.

Prof. Thomas Hain (UK)

For leadership in the field of automatic speech recognition.

Prof. Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) 

For contributions to research on multi-lingual and cross-lingual spoken language communication systems


Prof. Bjorn Schuller  (United Kingdom)

For contributions to computational paralinguistics, and research and leadership in the speech processing community.