Grant Facts and Figures


Each year, a number of grants are awarded to ISCA members to assist with the cost of registration and accommodation at major conferences. A number of these awards are directly funded by ISCA whilst others are funded by INTERSPEECH conferences. For all these awards, the selection and administration of the grants is done by ISCA under the supervision of the ISCA Grants Coordinator (currently, Prof. George Kokkinakis from the University of Patras, Greece).


Grants awarded from 2002 to 2004


 Year   Applications made   Grants awarded   Success rate 
2002 40 37 92.5%
2003 60 43 71.7%
2004 81 55 67.9%

Note the sizeable increase in applications year on year. The success rate has been in the region of 70% for the last two years.


Detailed description of 2004 awards


For 2004 a total of 55 grants were awarded for five events as follows:

  • Speech Prosody 2004, Nara, Japan : 12 (out of 17 applications)
  • Journes d'Etude sur la Parole 2004, Morocco : 8 (out of 10 applications)
  • Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Pittsburgh, USA : 1 (out of 1 application)
  • ICSLP 2004, Jeju Island, Korea : 33 (out of 52 applications)

35 of the grants were directly funded by ISCA and 20 by the ICSLP 2004 organisers.

Of the 26 rejected applications, 6 were rejected because they were from the same University department (which was awarded 2 grants) 5 because of very late submission, 2 because of a previous grant award and 13 because of budget limitations.

From the above ISCA supported grants (35), 4 covered registration and part of the accommodation, 3 only accommodation and 28 only registration. The ICSLP supported grants (20) cover registration and cheap accommodation. The total amount awarded by ISCA is: €8,021.00 out of a budget of €8,240.00 for 2004.

The 55 grants awarded in 2004 were distributed to applicants from 26 countries.

Argentina 1
Belgium 1
Canada 2
Chile 1
China 9
Egypt 1
Estonia 1
France 9
Greece 1
India 2
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 1
Japan 1
Mexico 1
Morocco 1
Portugal 1
Russia 1
Singapore 1
South Korea 1
Spain 4
Netherlands 2
Turkey 1
UK 5
Vietnam 1

How to claim ISCA grant?

To claim your ISCA grant you must:

  1. Send your report to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Send your original receipts (accommodation, registration etc ...) to the ISCA administrator by regular mail :

Emmanuelle FOXONET, ISCA
4 rue des Fauvettes,
Lieu Dit "Lous Tourils"
66390 Baixas, FRANCE

Please also provide the following information, necessary for bank transfer :

  • name and address of account's owner
  • complete bank name and address
  • bank code
  • account number
  • SWIFT code
  • IBAN or BIC code (international number - digit+letters)

Please note that these information are compulsory for international bank transfer;

Missing information can delay the reimbursement;

If you need more information, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


ISCA financially supports students and early career scientists to participate in workshops and conferences organized or supported by ISCA. Exceptionally, researchers in special situations like unemployment or coming from low income-level countries may also apply. The support covers early registration and possibly accommodation costs, whereas travel expenses are covered only in exceptional cases. Applicants from all countries are eligible.

Please apply using the online application form - see below for details, note the limit on attachments.

Instruction for grant applications

As a rule, grant applications are approved if they meet the requirements stated below, depending on the available budget. Even applications not complying with all requirements are considered and carefully evaluated and may still receive support. Where budget is limited preference is given to applicants from areas needing greater support.

Candidates should meet the ISCA Grants criteria above. They should also have:

  • letter of acceptance of a paper to be presented
  • mention of other funding being requested, awarded or rejected by other sources
  • no previous grants from ISCA

Applications should be submitted using the online application form. Do not submit attachments larger than 2MB! Please apply as early as possible and no later than the deadline specified on the website of the event. If no deadline is specified, the application should be submitted no later than the early registration date of the event. 

In the case of ISCA conferences or workshops, the grant is usually paid by ISCA directly to the organizers. For other events the grant is paid after the conference either to the organizers or to the applicant upon receipt of original invoices or bills justifying the claimed expenses.

By accepting a grant the recipient commits to writing a report describing his/her current research activity and the benefits expected for this activity from the attendance of the event. The report may be made public by ISCA through newsletters and/or the ISCA web.

Important: Report and receipts must be received by ISCA within 3 months of the conference or ISCA will assume that the grant has lapsed, and no reimbursement can be provided.

How to claim your ISCA grant? Click here for reimbursement instructions.

Questions about grants should be addressed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Example Reports:

Report A, Report B, Report C



Grants Application Form

To apply for the ISCA Grant, please submit using the  online application form. Attachment file size is limited to 2MB.  

If you do not find your event in the drop-down list of events, check that the event is indeed an ISCA sponsored event, and that the current date is before the deadline specified for the event.

In an emergency, download this form and send it by email to the Grants Coordinator, together with the documentation detailed in the form