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Year Lunch 2012

The yearly Industry Liaison Lunch was held on September 13, 2012 at Interspeech 2012 in Portland.

Attending were: Alex Acero (Microsoft Research), JF Bonastre (ISCA), John Hershey (MERL) Jerome Bellegarda (Apple), Patrick Nguyen (Google), Juergen Schroeter (ATT), Nicolas Shaffer (SRI), Francis Ganong (Nuance), Gerhard Backfried (Sail Labs), Jeff Adams (Amazon), Masami Akamine (Toshiba), Prithivi Pradeep (Appen)

Missing Companies

Alex Acero pointed out there are many missing companies. To just name a few, he mentioned Baidu, Cisco, and MModal. If anyone has any specific contact information for people at these places or others, please send them to me (Michael) and I will try to get them to join.

Questions from the President

J-F Bonastre, ISCA president, started with a number of direct questions to industry participants. He made the point that ISCA can't proceed without industry.
His questions included:
How to increase value to industry. More tutorials? More diversity in tutorials?
How do you want to promote speech research field in your region/area?
Can a keynote address from industry be useful?

A lively discussion ensued. Some of the comments included:
Do we (the IL committee) form an ISCA lobbying group? (Francis)
We don't see decreased funding for speech. We want to see MORE students in speech. (Jeff)
Want to see more cooperation on data and standards and identify abuses like recording without permission (Francis)
- Depends on laws of the countries (Jerome)
- FP7 increases emphasis on ethical practices and issues (Gerhard)
- Need to have more speech privacy standards. Add to EULA for speech products? What could be ISCA's role here?
Regarding keynotes
- Unclear though as it rapidly turns into a marketing thing (Jerome).
- We come to Interspeech to NOT think about day to day problems (Jeff)
Regarding the perception of speech
- Many EE speech students are strong in theory but are not strong coders, while CS students think that building speech recognition systems is like writing code for any
other app (ignoring the machine learning expertise required) (Alex)
- People don't know speech is machine learning (John)
- Sponsor awards in various speech courses. Maybe ISCA can sponsor with contributions from Industry? (Francis)
- Invite TV to demo sessions? (Francis)
- Form link to demo sessions. Maybe tie to course awards? Open up an internship to best students (Juergen)
- Win trip to Interspeech based on course awards (JF)

ISCA Fellows and Awards
Michael put out an exxplicit request for Industry to nominate more candidates for ISCA Fellow. Please put forward candidates from your organization. It is an honor, must be good to do. One does NOT have to be an IEEE Fellow to be an ISCA Fellow! We have too few industrial candidates for Fellow.
We should have more than a balance. Why not tie product releases to Interspeech? (J-F)
Why not have an award for Industry? Like an innovation award. (J-F)
ATT, MS, Google and MERL ALL pay for Industrial Society memberships.....
Fellow form biased against Industry as it is set up. Needs to be changed (Jeff)
Agree things need to be changed (J-F)

Jobs section of ISCA Website

Unclear if Jobs section of webpage has any value. Maybe ISCApad is the best place to send out announcements. Maybe ask the students if they ever found a job because of it. Sounds like website is useless and ISCA Pad not much better in terms of job advertisements.
Maybe have an industry day - industry hour? with recruiting tables (Gerhard)
Do desriable candidates go to job fairs. Skeptical. (Jeff)
Would having a job fair also reduce the value of Interspeech sponsorship (Michael)

Other items

Michael solicited industry for reviewers for Interspeech.
Discussed Tweeting to the students about jobs, etc. Maybe an Interspeech "perk"?
Can SAC help coordinate student visits to industry labs? Sometimes good to know where there are speech enclaves.
List all the schools with speech groups on ISCA website. Students can maintain. Use a wiki page?
Clear lack of awareness of ISCA's growing speech multimedia recordings. We (ISCA) needs to do a better job of promoting. Maybe better indexing is needed so you dont have to sit through too much.
Could ISCA provide data resources in various languages?