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Since 2011, ISCA has started a new service, Video Archive, as part of ISCA Web to provide up-to-date video streaming for lectures and presentations in seminars and conferences. The content is hosted by University of Crete, Greece, and as a temporary solution. For posting of Video Archive, please contact archives [at]

Section I: Conference Video Archive


INTERSPEECH 2010 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2011 Videos:


INTERSPEECH 2013 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2014 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2015 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2016 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2017 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2018 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2019 Videos: YouTube

INTERSPEECH 2020 Videos: YouTube

INTERSPEECH 2021 Videos:

INTERSPEECH 2022 Videos: YouTube

2) Odyssey Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Odyssey: The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop is an ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop held in cooperation with the ISCA Speaker and Language Characterization SIG ( The need for fast, efficient, accurate, and robust means of recognizing people and languages is of growing importance for commercial, forensic, and government applications. The aim of this workshop is to foster interactions among researchers in speaker and language recognition. So far, ten events have been held in Martigny (1994), Avignon (1998), Crete (2001), Toledo (2004), San Juan (2006) , Stellenbosch (2008), Brno (2010), Singapore (2012), Joensuu (2014) and Bilbao (2016). The workshop proceedings are made available at ISCA Online Archive, while the video recordings of the talks are available at ISCA Video Archive since Odyssey 2010.

Odyssey 2010:

Odyssey 2012:

Odyssey 2014:

Odyssey 2016:

3) International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing

Event Website:

Section II: Lecture Video Archive

Lecture 1)
Speaker: Victor Zue

Presentation: ISCA Medalist @ Interspeech 2007

Slides (Victor-Zue-InterSpeech-07-08-28.ppt
Video ( )

Lecture 2)
Speaker: Sophie Scott

Presentation: 1991-2011 - Creating Growth, Enhancing Lives. Commemorating A*STAR’s 20 Years of Science, Technology and Research in Singapore

Slides (INTERSPEECH2007SKS.pptSophieScottPresentation.rar
Video (

Lecture 3)
Speaker: Alex Waibel

Presentation: Computer Supported Human-Human Multilingual Communication

Slides (Waibel.InterSpeech.07.h.pdf)
Video (

Lecture 4)
Speaker: Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

Presentation: Self-organization and cultural selection in the evolution of speech

Slides (interspeech07PY-Oudeyer.pdf)
Video (

Lecture 5)
Speaker: Shri Narayanan

Presentation: ISCA Distinguished Lecture 2015

Slides (BSP-Narayanan-May2015.pdfSpeechProduction-Narayanan-May2015.pdf)

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