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Merlin is a toolkit for building Deep Neural Network models for statistical parametric speech synthesis developed at CSTR Edinburgh by a team led by Simon King. It must be used in combination with a front-end text processor (e.g., Festival) and a vocoder (e.g., STRAIGHT or WORLD).

Merlin comes with recipes to show you how to build state-of-the art systems.

Merlin is free software, distributed under an Apache License Version 2.0, allowing unrestricted commercial and non-commercial use alike.

This video tutorial for Merlin is from Simon King


Festival, developed at CMU (Alan Black) and CSTR Edinburgh (Simon King)  ‘offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules. ‘  It is multilingual and there are online demos .


from the CMU speech group ‘aims to make the building of new synthetic voices more systemic and better documented, making it possible for anyone to build a new voice.  There are close connections to Festival. Festvox offers

  • Documentation, including scripts explaining the background and specifics for building new voices for speech synthesis in new and supported languages.
  • Specific scripts to build new voices in supported languages, such as US and UK English.
  • Aids to building synthetic voices for limited domains
  • Example speech databases to help building new voices.
  • Links, demos and a repository for new voices.’
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