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  • 2024-03-17 13:26 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ISCA Fellows 2024

    The following colleagues have been elected ISCA fellows. Their titles will be conferred formally at Interspeech 2024. congratulations to them!

    Takayuki Arai  Dept. of Information and Communication Sciences, Sophia University, Tokyo

    For contributions to developing models of speech production and applying them for speech science, technology, pathology and education

    Kay Berkling  DHBW Mosbach,  Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

    For her contributions to education, improving childhood learning and boosting diversity through interactive technology

    Carlos Busso  University of Texas at Dallas

    For contributions to speech and multimodal affective signal processing and their technology applications

    Sebastian Moller    Technische Universität Berlin, and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Berlin

    For sustained contributions to the evaluation of speech transmission, processing, and speech technology

    Bhiksha Raj  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

    For contributions to robust speech recognition and other areas in speech and audio processing.


    Torbjorn Svendsen         NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology

      For contributions to speech processing research and long-standing   contributions to the speech community


    Petra Wagner                    Universität Bielefeld

     For contributions to multimodal prosody, conversational interaction, and speech synthesis.

  • 2024-03-06 14:22 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear ISCA member,

    Unfortunately, at regular time intervals, e-mails are being send to individuals within our community that seemingly come from the president (or another ISCA board member), asking for help and/or money in vague terms.

    Please note, no ISCA board member will ever send emails to ask for money nor would we ask for help in vague terms. If we ask for help it will be clear what we ask of you. If you are unsure whether the email is legit, assume it is not. If we do need your help, we will reach out again.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Please ignore these e-mails.

    Best wishes,

    Odette Scharenborg, ISCA President

  • 2024-01-26 01:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ISCA is currently moving to a new web portal: WildApricot. This includes a new website, and a new portal for membership services. The new website will already be more informative than the old one, and will later enable more active participation from our community (SIGs, etc.), as we want to make it more interactive and target-oriented.

    For the time being, parts of our services will still need to be accessed through portals on our old system (linked from the new website), including the paper archive, and applications for workshops and grants. We are working on moving these functionalities to the new platform as well.

    Please explore the new website and get an impression of ISCA activities and services. Become involved in shaping the new system for the benefit of our community.

  • 2024-01-23 16:04 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The submission portal for Interspeech 2024, which will take place in Kos, Greece, is now open. The deadline for registering a paper is 2nd of March, for finalising the paper 10th of March. More details on

  • 2024-01-04 12:54 | Anonymous

    In preparation for Interspeech 2024, we are currently searching for reviewers to evaluate submitted manuscripts.

    If you are not already a reviewer for ISCA conferences, we encourage you to sign up through the ISCA Reviewer Portal.

    Click here to see the criteria for eligibility as a reviewer and access to the portal.

    Please use the same email address as your CMT account. If you do not have a CMT account, you will need to create one, as reviewing will take place fully within CMT.

    To help conference organisers match the papers allocated to you, please also register to the Toronto Paper Matching System using the same email address as in CMT. This should result in you being assigned papers that better match your interests and expertise.

  • 2023-12-01 12:16 | Anonymous

    Nominations are open for the following ISCA Awards:

    The ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement recognizes and honors an individual each year who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of speech communication science and technology. Any ISCA member can make a nomination. All nominations for ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement should be submitted to the ISCA Secretary at by 5 January 2024 using the nomination form.  The ISCA Board will select the winner by 1 February and announce the winner in the March 2024 ISCApad. Unsuccessful candidates from previous year(s) must be re-nominated to qualify for candidacy.  

    The ISCA Service Medal recognizes an ISCA member who has provided extraordinary service to ISCA and/or the Speech Communication community. Any ISCA Board or Advisory Council member can make a nomination. All nominations for an ISCA Service Medal should be submitted to the ISCA Secretary at by 5 January 2024 using the nomination form. Unsuccessful candidates from previous year(s) must be re-nominated to qualify for candidacy.  

    The ISCA Fellows Program recognises and honours outstanding members who have made significant contributions to the science and technology of speech communication. To qualify for this distinction, a candidate must have been an ISCA member for five years or more with a minimum of ten years experience in the field. Nominations may be made by any ISCA member except for those on the Felows Selection Committee.. Fellows may be recognised by their outstanding scientific and/or technical contributions and/or continued significant service to ISCA. The supporting case for the candidate's nomination should include up to 3 major contributions which have had impact on the speech community and/or society in general. A nomination should be supported by 3 references from senior scientists/technologists in the Speech Communication community, for instance ISCA Fellows and ISCA Board members. Current ISCA Board members are not eligible for nomination. Members of the Fellows Selection Committee may not nominate candidates or provide references. All nominations for ISCA Fellow should be sent to fellows_nomination AT by 10 February 2024 using the nomination formThose who plan to nominate are strongly advised to send brief information on candidates (candidate's name and affiliation) to the above email address before January 10 with your name and contact email address. 

    More information can be found on the ISCA Honors webpage.

  • 2023-12-01 12:15 | Anonymous

    Due to the current security situation in Israel and after consulting the ISCA board, the Interspeech 2024 organizing committee decided to move the conference venue to another country in the eastern Mediterranean – Greece. Details will be provided on the conference website.

    We hope that the Interspeech Conference will be hosted in Jerusalem in the future.

  • 2023-12-01 12:13 | Anonymous

    We are now open for nominations for ISCA’s Distinguished Lecturers scheme for the period 2024-25.

    This outreach scheme supports leading researchers in Speech Communication to deliver lecture tours in regions where our field is under-represented.
    Distinguished Lecturers normally serve for 2 years, during which time they typically undertake 3 lecture tours.
    Details of the DL scheme, including the nomination form, are available on the ISCA Distinguished Lecturers website. Each nomination should include the following information:
     a short biography of the candidate
     a selected summary of publication,
     a personal website, or a resume that provides equivalent information,
     topics/titles of up to three possible lectures that the nominee could give.
    Please note that the nominator must ensure the candidate is willing to serve if elected. Nominations from previous years will be only considered if they have been updated. Self-nominations are permitted, but must include a letter of support from an ISCA Fellow or Board Member.
    Nominations should be sent to before 31 January 2024

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