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Aims. SIGRU has the overall aim of promoting research and development in the scientific, technical, professional and didactic fields of speech and language technology for Russian speech analysis, particularly formal methods of analysis. SIGRU will pursue its own purposes in particular:

  • promote and organize conferences, schools and workshops;
  • announce publications (papers, theses and dissertations) on topics related to Russian speech analysis and/or by authors that are members of this SIG;
  • promote industry / university collaboration;
  • promote interdisciplinary scientific communication of researchers dealing with speech analysis;
  • promoting scientific and technical exchange of information and relationships of collaboration between the associates;
  • promoting electronic discussion through the Internet (Web site, discussion list, etc).
  • maintaining a database of active researchers.
  • providing a channel of communication between Russian speech researchers and those active in speech and language technology in general.

Motivation. The SIG promotes research activities in Russian speech analysis. Its main focus is the use of formal representations of the sound system of Russian in order to enable automatic processing of large speech corpora and automatically interpret speech events in terms of phonetic/linguistic phenomena.

Board. Current SIG officers are:

  • Chairperson: Dr. Pavel Skrelin (St.-Petersburg State University, Russia)
  • Secretary and ISCA Liaison Officer: Daniil Kocharov (St.-Petersburg State University, Russia)

ISCA-supported events

  • XXXVII International Philological Conference 2008, 11/3-15/3, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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