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Membership Schemes and Fees

Schemes of ISCA Membership

ISCA offers two membership schemes:

    Individual membership fees


    • Full Member: 1 year @ 60 EUR 
    • Full Member: 2 years @ 120 EUR 
    • Retired: 1 year @ 20 EUR 
    • Retired: 2 years @ 40 EUR
    • Institutional Membership: 1 year @ 240 EUR
    • Student Member: 1 year @ 20 EUR 
    • Student Member: 2 years @ 40 EUR 


    To apply for membership at a discounted rate, please specify your request and provide a signed self-declaration of income to the ISCA secretariat. If accepted, you will receive a discount coupon to use during the application process.

    • Full Member: 1 year (gross annual income < 10,000 EUR) @ 25 EUR 
    • Full Member: 1 year (gross annual income < 5,000 EUR) @ 15 EUR 
    • Full Member: 1 year (gross annual income < 1,000 EUR) @ 0 EUR

    Institutional membership fees

    Institutions can register up to 5 members for the price of 4. All members must belong to the same institution.

    The lead member must register first with an institutional membership level and add bundle members in her/his profile.

    For further information, please contact ISCA secretariat.

    Member rate at ISCA events

    A person registering to Interspeech or an ISCA Workshop must be an ISCA member AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT to be eligible for the member's registration rate. Otherwise (s)he must register at the non-member's rate and will then become a member of ISCA.

    Membership duration

    Memberships are valid for one year (365 days) from the date of activation for online applications through ISCA website.

    Registration through the conferences or workshops are valid for one year (365 days) from the date of registration to the event.

    A 1-year membership can cover only one Interspeech registration at a member rate. For this reason, the renewal date can be slightly modified by the administrators to fulfil this rule.

    For members registering for 2-year membership, one more year is added.

    Membership renewal

    For online renewal through ISCA website

    Members can renew their membership online up to 5 months before the renewal due date. The membership is extended for one year (or two years for a 2-year membership) from the initial renewal due date.

    For renewal through conference

    For members renewing their membership through the conference, the new renewal due date is set to one year (365 days) after the registration date to the conference.

    For members renewing for 2 years, one more year is added.

    Membership level change

    Members can change membership level, e.g. from Student to Full. The current membership will then be terminated and a new membership will be activated once the payment has been completed. The new renewal due date will be calculated from the date of activation of the new membership.


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