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J.Blauert, J. Braasch, 'The Technology of Binaural Understanding', Springer and ASA-Press

2023-12-01 17:36 | Anonymous

My name is Jens Blauert, and you may recall me as an ESCA-Founder and ISCA-Goldmedalist. Although I am professor emeritus since many years, I am still active in science. 

     Recently I published an edited book together with Jonas Braasch (Professor at RPI, Troy NY) at both SPRINGER and ASA-Press. The book's title is "The Technology of Binaural Understanding". It attempts to bridge between audition and cognition and thus, as far as speech communication is concerned, between speech and language. The book's motto is:

     People, when exposed to acoustic stimuli, do not react directly to what they hear 
     but rather to what they hear means to them.
     but rather to what they hear means to them.
     but rather to what they hear means to them.
     Obviously this is an issue which is also relevant for speech communication at large. Thus, I kindly  ask you to consider whether this book would qualify for a book announcement in the ISCAPad. If a full book review were also feasible, I can send you an eBook-link, and after a reviewer is has been assigned, SPRINGER will deliver a printed copy to him/her.
--   Thank you for your efforts in advance! 
     With best regards, Jens Blauert
.PS. Preface and  table of contents of the book are available under the following link:      

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